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Victory Kingdom | U-Shape Roller Coaster | Intamin Flyrider


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Re: Victory Kingdom | U-Shape Roller Coaster | Intamin Flyri

Ethan said:
rollermonkey said:
Ben said:
I think it looks fun? It's more of a non-Inverted Impulse wannabe than anything, and they're fun, so?

I never understand what you do and don't like, Ben. Intamin Impulse coasters are dire.

I don't get why some people think their opinions on a coaster should be shared by everyone.
I like coasters other people will hate, and the same goes for everyone here.

You might think they're dire, others might find them really fun?

I was more speaking of Ben's decidedly unpredictable likes and dislikes than of impulse coasters in particular.

Although Intamin impulse coasters are pretty boring, as are most Intamin shuttle coasters, IMO. I can't see how this thing is an improvement seeing as how it does less than any of those.