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With this place being my homepark, i can say for myself that it is sad that it doesnt get attention from Cedar Fair, hey, maybe im bias, but this place is nice, atleast better than Michigans Adventure (no offense if ma is your home park) although it is in the lower tier. I wanna see everybody elses opinions on my home park so i can see if im just bias or not

I will continue this no matter what though with my own opinions.


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To pull from my trip report of my June visit: https://coasterforce.com/forums/threads/valleyfair-june-visit.45722/

  • Things are surprisingly well laid out - I was expecting a more disjointed experience, the park being on the smaller side and tall/narrow. Yet, it works for the park, which (unexpectedly) uses a dual-path approach to allow for easier egress to the back of the park. The Soak City waterpark feature is also nicely nestled in the middle of the park, making for an easy escape and pickup of a few water rides to cool off.
  • Grand Carnival ... works? I've purposely avoided this Mardi Gras charade for years as (what I thought was) hoaxy, mid-summer excuse to boost attendance. But, the EPCOT imposter celebration of world exhibit is actually quite cute for what it is, even if it's also an excuse to eat chicken 6 different ways (might I recommend the Tikka from the Indian booth!)
  • Less Cedar Fair than I expected - Valleyfair is half of the Cedar Fair namesake, giving me fear it might reak of "corporate" branding, regurgitated from the Cedar Point mothership. And while I spotted some CP intellectual property throughout, was glad to find Valleyfair had it's own experience and brand; or at least moreso than other second and third tier Cedar Fair parks.

It's a little underrated of a park, especially with some shining gems in Excaliber, Renegade, and the ever-more-rare Steel Venom.


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I really like Valleyfair, went in with no expectations and was thoroughly impressed. I always recommend the place to other enthusiasts and Renegade is still one of my fave woodies.
As a full park experience it's a way away from the Phantasialands, SDCs and Dollywood, but when judged against the other CF and SF parks as a whole it's definitely one of the better ones.


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Valleyfair is a really solid regional park that I enjoy quite a bit. The entire park seems to be well maintained and taken care of. It's actually probably one of the nicest Cedar Fair parks. I do find the park's layout to be fairly disjointed though. It's strange to me how you walk alongside the water park throughout the entire back half of the park. And partially because of this, Excalibur and the rapids ride feel like they are in no man's land. Then there is also the slightly strange cul-de-sac at the front of the park with the Steel Venom area. But with that said, each area is still really nice so it's hard to complain much.

Coaster-wise, it's a decent collection with Renegade easily being the star, but they really need a major thrill coaster with inversions in my eyes. Corkscrew is a nice little Arrow (I don't say that often), but is fairly tame. The entire collection is a bit on the tame side to be fair. Wild Thing is a fun ride, but is about as mild as you get with a hyper.