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Valhalla at Blackpool Pleasure Beach to be refurbished for 2023


Roller Poster
It's pretty awful. Not sure why they felt the need to produce this when they already have some nice graphics for Valhalla 2021, I mean 2022, I mean 2023 - like the nice boat design they have printed on the side of a van.

Matt N

CF Legend
Valhalla’s construction walls are down, folks! This is not a drill… Valhalla’s construction walls are down:
Surely a 2023 opening, and quite possibly an early 2023 opening at that, is highly likely with this now being the case?


Mega Poster
Hope so, I'm planning to visit the park for the first time in May when I'm up that way for Eurovision in Liverpool. Would be awkward if it wasn't ready by then - imagine taking so long that the equivalent of hell freezing over happens before you're finished!


Mega Poster
Ain't that brilliant, first the UK is hosting Eurovision, then Mission Ferrari has an opening date, and now hell has literally frozen over? All of that and we *still* don't know when this thing is reopening. I bet we'll have flying pigs soon too...


Roller Poster
Anyone seen the video released today with the riders on big one wearing Valhalla merch? Gotta be a sign an announcement is due?


Hyper Poster
I honestly didn't think anything could take longer than that new junction on the M55 so well done BPB.