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Universal's Epic Universe | Orlando USA | Theme Park


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I find many of the the regular social media updates a bit basic or cringe worthy. However, this 'Kind of a big deal' line is superbly understating what we all hope this to be and has made me even more excited than a few posts ago. It then flat out says EPIC :eek:


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This was the logo leaked a while back.


I think they will go with Fantastic Worlds with Universal’s Epic Universe used in the marketing. I hope so anyway really don’t like that as a park name.

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Fantastic Words was definitely the stronger name, but they really don't want to annoy Warner Bros seeing as though they have licenced the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts IPs to them. Universal would be a lot weaker without Potter


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Universal would be a lot weaker without Potter

Well yes that would put them in quite a predicament. ?

I doubt Warner Bros would consider taking legal action and try to terminate the Potter contract missing out on the huge royalties, all over the use of the word 'Fantastic'. I guess we will find out on Thursday.


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Read that the presentation is only 20 minutes long. So if they are going to talk about the new park (they totes are) I imagine we'll only get a brief introduction with a couple of general concept images.

Still, very excited, only a few hours to go! - EDIT: I'm clearly too excited, still another day to go! :p
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