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Tripsdrill | Hals-Über-Kopf & Volldampf | Vekoma STC & Family Boomerang Coaster

Matt N

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Wow! That looks absolutely phenomenal!

It just looks to have a mix of everything; nice inversions, great pacing, a smooth ride, and even some rare (for an invert) pops of airtime! For something intended as a more affordable ride for smaller parks, dare I say it, but; I think we may have a new entry into some people’s favourite inverted coaster lists, as that really wowed me from the POV footage!

On the whole; stunning job, Tripsdrill and Vekoma!

Luca B

So a friend of mine who is a Tripsdrill passholder was able to ride Hals-Über Kopf today, and these were his brief opinions on it:
The drop is nothing special and was quite forgettable, but the inversion were all amazing and had great floater during them. As for the rest of the layout, the turns are relatively forceless and the airtime is barely noticeable, so in terms of most of the forces, they aren’t too much better than those on the 453m SFC variant. However the restraints are great and HüK is integrated into the area really well, making it great to take photos of.


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Had the opportunity to test Hals-über-Kopf during the press opening and managed to ride it a total of 4 times.

Really enjoyed the coaster, great trains and restraints and it rides very dynamic. It isn't the most forceful coaster but the inversions are nice and It offers some solid airtime moments. Especially the Zero-G Roll is something special. More floaty in the front row with hang time, but the back row provides sustained forces and good whip on some elements (Zero-G Roll, Inclined Immelmann, dive into valley before the last inversion, corkscrew, ...). The Airtime isn't strong but it is there. The Drop is solid with strong floater and a bit whip in the back. The big airtime hill provides strong floater / weak flojector. The other hills and dips provide some floater.

Really enjoyed my first big next gen Vekoma and the two coasters are a great addition to Tripsdrill. Volldampf is a solid ride as well but neither superior or inferior to other Family Boomerangs. Nevertheless, it has one of the best stations, especially with the glas roof and HüK Zero-G Roll over it.



Mountain monkey
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I really, really hope that this becomes the new SLC. I know Tayto Park is supposed to get clones of both of these, but I want these in America goddammit!
I wonder if something being "the new SLC" is even feasible in this day and age. That is, a fairly large full-circuit coaster that seemingly every little boardwalk and funfair out there could afford back in the 90's. The cost of steel is much higher these days, and the smaller parks don't seem as willing to invest large sums of money on single attractions, so we're seeing way fewer places with the means to build coasters of that scale.

Plus, many of the parks that can afford an SLC in the modern days tend to have SLCs from the old days operating already. Still, I hope Vekoma will find some buyers for this coaster type anyway, even though the market may not be there to that degree anymore.


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I think these will be the best inverts in the future rather than the Vekoma STCs, unless more intense ones are built down the line:-

However I still think this looks awesome. I'm excited to find out exactly who's building the swing launch invert at Tusenfryd.


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It looks like both park and Vekoma have absolutely nailed this. As a solid, fun, family friendly coaster, this looks amazing. I've always liked Tripsdrill, but this looks like a substantial improvement for an already great park, and I'm really looking forward to my next visit there, whenever it may be.


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The lift hill is surprisingly fast too. I think the ride clocks around 40 seconds from top of the lift hill to service brakes...