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Toverland: "Discover your own fear"


Yesterday I went to visit Toverland for it's largest Halloween Event yet, "Discover your own fear". It's very similar to the popular midsummer-events during the summer holidays, as the park is opened until 11 pm (with rides actually being open until the very end except for the high rope course) and they have several scare zones and shows going from 6:30pm onwards.

Since Toverland's main audience is still families with kids, all the scare-zones are somewhat child-friendly. They are perfectly suited for everybody who enjoys Halloween, but despises being frightened to death. They also have a special magic wand that will make all the monsters stay away from you - except for the mazes of course, however these have designated queues, so there's no chance of someone accidentally getting into an uncomfortable situation.

The atmosphere, lighting and effects (they have fog and fire-effects literally everywhere) is absolutely stunning, even inside the warehouses. Port Laguna probably had more lights than the park had guests in it and all the scare-actors did their very best to create an immersive atmosphere.

And of course, by far the most epic areas had to be Avalon and Ithaka. Fēnix offers the best night-ride in all of the Netherlands and Germany by a mile, and then Troy is a rock-solid 2nd. They turned up the soundtrack in the Ithaka-area so you felt like an actual warfare is going to take place any second, and the view over Avalon's lake is absolutely incredible. I'll upload some photos later once I've gone through all of them, unfortunately the light conditions were very tough for a poor old phone camera.

Compared to other very good Halloween-events like Movie Park, you will probably be disappointed if you are looking for a true and frightening Halloween-experience. But if you've always wanted to experience the beautiful and whimsical Toverland-atmosphere at night and thought that it always took too long for the sun to set during the summer holidays, and you also don't like jumpscares and chainsaws, then Toverland will be perfect for you.

They end the day with a spectacular firework - just as they did in the midsummer-events - dedicated to the different scare zones (it's tough to describe, you'll get it once you see it :p).

The Halloween-Nights will take place on October 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th and 27th. Unfortunately the holidays in Limburg end on October 21st and also November 1st is not a holiday in the Netherlands. The timing is a little bit unfortunate this year, but since they've also decided to do more midsummer-events last minute this summer, I would totally expect Toverland to have more Halloween Nights in future seasons.

On the park's website you can also get some nice impressions: https://www.toverland.com/en/theme-park/events/halloween-nights/