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Top 10 steel coasters that aren't B&M or Intamin


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I'll give it a try! :shock:

1 - Saw: The Ride (Thorpe Park)
2 - Space Mountain: Mission 2 (Disneyland Paris)
3 - Stampida (PortAventura)
4 - Grand National (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)
5 - Vortex (Siam Park City)
6 - Pepsi Max Big One (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)
7 - Irn-Bru Revolution (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)
8 - Tomahawk (PortAventura)
9 - Boomerang (Siam Park City)
10 - G-Force (Drayton Manor)

It's as accurate as I can get it. Saw: The Ride's up there surprisingly, It's actually my favourite coaster in the entire park seconded by Nemesis: Inferno.


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^Well done.

Opening Post said:
I think it would be interesting to see what your top 10 steel coaster lists would look like if you ignored B&M and Intamin!

Ah well, someone was bound to do it at some point.


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To be fair, KDGrizzly4Life beat him to the punch.
Just goes to show how much people read previous posts, since Mike also pointed this out & corrected KDGrizzly4Life on the previous page. :p


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^And I'm going to let him off because he has Vortex at Siam Park City on his list, which is really, really good.


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1. The Big One, Pbb, the first drop just makes the ride- Arrow
2. Expedition Everest, Great ride, especially for a Vekoma-Vekoma
3.Hollywood Rip Ride, great fun ride-MS
4.Revolution Pleasure Beach, Great Ride-Arrow
5.Revenge of the Mummy-Premier
6.Rock n rollercoaster, Florida-Vekpma
7.Grand National-PBB
8.Twist and Shout, Great ride-Schwarzkopf
9.Vampire, Chessigton-Arrow
10. Infusion, even thought it's a standard SLC it's still quite a good ride and the water enhances that.-Vekoma


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Ooops, sorry I mis-read the topic title and original post. :oops:

My bad, it's actually quite difficult choosing this top 10, I put a lot of effort into just thinking and sorting the rides I have been on into an order, I'll edit my post later.

And yes Vortex is by far the best SLC I have been on, especially when I recently destroyed my ears on Infusion a few weeks ago, Vortex seems really smooth! :)


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My choices done with my limited coaster count:

1. G-force - Maurer - DMP
2. Knightmare - Schwarzkopf - Camelot
3. Big one - Arrow - PBB
4. Sonic Spinball - Maurer - AT
5. Velocity - Vekoma - FL
6. Infusion - Vekoma - PBB
7. Whirlwind - Maurer - Camelot
8. Corkscrew - Vekoma - FL
9. Corkscrew - Vekoma - AT
10.Colorado Adventure - Vekoma - Phantasialand


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1. Jubilee Odyssey
2. The Ultimate
3. The Big One
4. Raptor Attack
5. X:\ No Way Out
6. Infusion
7. Saw
8. Millennium Roller Coaster
9. Sonic Spinball
10. Irn Bru Revolution


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Yeah I'm almost positive Mystery Mine, Tennessee Tornado and Steel Force will be up there if you ask me in a few months. My Count is sort of low as it stands, normally HyperSonic would NOT be up there...


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1. Vliegende Hollander, Efteling
2. Temple Of The Night Hawk, Phantasialand
3. Blue Fire, Europa
4. Dragon's Fury, Chessington
5. Michael Jackson Coaster, Phantasialand
6. Spinball Whizzer, Alton
7. Goudurix, Asterix
8. Millenium Coaster, Fantasy Island
9. Rock'n'Roller Coaster, DLRPS
10. Dragon, Legoland Windsor

VERY clever topic actually. Nice one! :)


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^Colorado Adventure. I think it was originally called that unless they've kept the full name I'm not sure. :?


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I think the official name is "Colorado Adventure" but since it was Michale Jacksons favourite coaster it got nicknamed "The Michael Jackson Thrill Ride" and eventually the park added that name to the coaster sign. Talk about good promotion for the ride! :--D
1. Mr. Freeze- Six Flags St. Louis
2. Flight of Fear- Kings Island
3. Flight of Fear- Kings Dominion
4. Magnum XL-200
5. Powder Keg- Silver Dollar City

I didn't even account for the rest haha, how sad. My rankings only go up to a top 40 or something.


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1. PMBO - Arrow Dynamics (1994)
2. Jubilee Odyssey - Vekoma (2002)
3. Grand national - (who built this?) (1935)
4. Big Dipper - And this (1923)
5. Avalanche - Mack (1988)
6. Kumali - Vekoma (2006)
7. Spinball Whizzer - Maurer Sohne (2004)


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In no particular order...

Eagle's Fortress
Phantom's Revenge
Revenge of the Mummy
Tennessee Tornado
Magnum Force
Stunt Fall
Big Thunder Mountain (Paris)


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Good lord, what a great question.

1. Magnum XL-200 - Cedar Point
2. Tennessee Tornado - Dollywood
3. Flight of Fear - Kings Island
4. RnR - MGM
5. Space Mountain - Disneyland
6. Mind Bender - SFoG
7. Mystery Mine - Dollywood
8. Firehawk - Kings Island
9. Flight Deck - Kings Island
10. Gemini - Cedar Point

And then a cocktail of Disney coaster creations.


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Ah hell this is difficult but I'll give it a go.

1. Stunt Fall - Vekoma
2. Abismo - Maurer Sohne
3. Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster - Mack
4. Mammut - Vekoma
5. Saw - Gerstlauer
6. Blue Tornado - Vekoma
7. Magic Mountain - Vekoma
8. Spinball Whizzer - Maurer Sohne
9. Tarantula - Maurer Sohne
10. Shockwave (Funderland) - Schwarzkopf

Something like that anyways, most of them are pretty average. Stunt Fall and Abismo are both pretty awesome though.


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1 - Troy - toverland (great ride - my regular top 10 doesn't split woodies and steelies, and I ain't starting now!! :p )

2 - Ultimate - lightwater - one of the most brutal coasters ever!

3 - wild mouse - blackpool - classy coaster

4 - Saw - Thorpe park - love the indoor bit, and rather like the coaster!

5 - Colorado Adventure - phantasialand - really impressed me

6 - Revenge of the Mummy - USF - great fun!

7 - lynet - farup sommerland - prefered this to fluch....

8 - Vampire - chessy

9 - Euro Mir - europa park

10- Megafobia - oakwood


Based on last years Coaster poll:

1. Eagle's Fortress - Arrow
2. Dodonpa - S&S Power
3. Blue Fire Megacoaster - Mack
4. Tranan - S&S Power
5. Eejanaika - S&S Power
6. Olympia Looping - Schawarzkopf
7. Venus GP - Maurer Söhne
8. Steel Dragon 2000 - Morgan
9. Fujiyama - TOGO
10. Bandit - TOGO

Hmm seems like S&S is doing it right...