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TimberWolf at WOF getting more sections re-tracked?


Matt SR
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A true Ship of Theseus. :p

To be fair, regular part of the wooden coaster routine, and one that has become less cognizant as we flip all of our major woodies to RMC.

Definitely look forward to eventually checking out the overbank and TLC of Timberwolf. My only ride on the coaster was a zen ride that was a glitch in the Matrix - I rode front row, back car with massive ejector air on each and every drop. Genuinely one of the best wooden coaster rides I've ever had.

... On second thought, why would I ever want to ruin that memory with a second ride? :p


Roller Poster
I have enjoyed the last retrack of it- the big helix used to be cool, but it had gotten so bone rattling that it was time to fix it. All the rides I’ve taken on it recently have been pretty good! Nothing life changing, but a solid “classic” wooden coaster