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Thoughts on Wembley to Thorpe Park


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Hello fellow fans of coasters.

Never been to Thorpe Park, living over the pond so to speak, but I will be in Londonium for a short while, Wembley to be exact.

Apparently, its 19miles to get to Thorpe Park..so..using an Uber or something like that...costing i guess £50? ( assuming I can get an Uber to take me that distance ). Blackcab i assume twice the price.

Looking at transport links...Wembley rail station ( ive never been..is there a tube station within the rail station?? i know theres a separate tube station in Wembley.

But looking at over 2hrs of travel, 3 connections and then a bus etc etc.

Anyone with knowledge can advice? anyone actually go from Wembley...or...perhaps.....i get a train ? tube? somewhere...close...AND THEN hail a Uber?

Can only go 1 day, so school hols etc...so would be fast passes . So, all adds up, but very keen to give it a go.

THOUGHTS welcome, and thanks in advance.


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Just had a look on Uber and it's currently £38. Was expecting double that tbh.

It's a bit of a trek on public transport but fine if you're not in a rush. Get the tube to Waterloo and then a train to Staines, then the shuttle bus from outside the station. It may look daunting but its fairly straightforward and reliable.

Alternatively you could get the Picadilly Line to Hounslow or Hatton Cross and an Uber from there for £15-20.

I grew up near Wembley and watch Chelsea there nearly every year so I know the area well. It's a dump 😂 Wouldn't advise spending too much time there, but it's a good base for exploring London. You're only 10 minutes away on the tube from Baker Street.

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Can get the Jubilee line from Wembley Park Station down to Waterloo where you can catch a train to Staines, then from there it's the 950 shuttle bus (or an uber) straight to the park.

Haven't had any issues with either. Done this more than a few times. Very reliable, first bus gets there ten minutes before open & last bus leaves an hour after close (usually).

No trains? No problem. Change for the Piccadilly line at some point in your trip for a train to Hatton Cross, then at the bus station get the 203 that takes you to Staines where you change for the shuttle bus (or uber). Done this once, no issues. Bring headphones.


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Thank you both for your replies. So long as no strikes the transport options appear more than doable but adding up cost eg 15pounds etc there are 2 of us so I think the user or cab like that will do at least to get us there in the morning see how quick we spend our fastpasses and queues and then perhaps try getting bus train etc back. Thanks once again.