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Theme Park site of the Year 2010


From CoasterForce
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This is a nice topic to return from my Christmas break to read.

I'm chuffed we've made it in the top five!

I agree that the website side of CF has been sub-standard in 2010. We have, however, made leaps and bounds with the CF YouTube, American Lives and as Hixee says, the new site build is on the way....it just takes time!

This year, we'll have a new, fully updated site (which some won't like because they don't like change, but it'll be the same information and a lot easier to use!), a main Euro-Live, USA Lives and regular news updates on the site, Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks to everybody who voted. I hope we can retain your vote next time round and improve on it!


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I agree that Screamscape is much better for news and rumors, as that's all it is.

Still voted for CF out of loyalty though. :p


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For best news there are a lot of good sites out there. Some of their information is a bit out dated though. Screamscape.com is useful but some of what they have is just rumor or speculation.

The best forums are normally right here. cool)