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Terrifying Experience As Family Exaggerates Incident


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http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... night.html

Adventure Island in Southend-On-Sea allegedly shut up the park whilst this guy and his family were still at the top of the ferris wheel ride on park.

Their sob story is pretty standard as theme-park-related sob stories tend to go, but Adventure Island's response is particularly sharp and good to see.


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Oh don`t worry the west unders are not very experienced and they are also dozy but very enthusiastic of course it had to happen.

Martyn B

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Haha, good on AI!

3 minutes stuck on a ferris wheel and they had to cut their holiday short!LMAO

Children up all night having nightmares and screaming "get me off" in their sleep! PMSL

I'm so proud to be British.


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I love how the park timed it precisely from the CCTV. Stupid people, how do they even get by on a day to day basis? I wonder if they panic if the bus stays at a bus stop longer than a minute too.


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Typical exaggerated BS. I love how the "cage blew about in the breeze" as if the ride was going to collapse.

the article said:
'They were extremely apologetic and have said the attendant will be disciplined but I don’t blame her. She was just a young girl. I blame Adventure Island and the training they give youngsters.'
I also find it amusing that they refuse to put any blame on the ride op. If this really did happen in the way they depicted it, it would have clearly been the op's fault for leaving them on the ride.


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Tbf the cage does blow around in the breeze and it is a bit of a sketchy ride (I wasn't 100% comfortable riding it on a breezy night) but the exact timing from AI included in their statement is brilliant.

Not just Daily Mail tripe too, in the Mirror with same details and probably others.