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Suzuka Circuit have started construction on their new coaster for 2020 called GP Racers. Currently unknown what kind of coaster this will be.

Looks like this could potentially be another Maurer Spike Coaster.
Haven't parks realised by now that this model not only is fugly but also unreliable and low-capacity. This trend, along with VR on rides, needs to end.


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Some more from the official site - The car doesnt look "That" spikey.


Capacity2 people
Ride time90 seconds
Course length420m
Maximum bank angle (tilt)48 degrees
maximum speedAbout 50km / h

Get on a cool machine

Tandem (two-seater) type racing bikes that are colored in six colors such as FIRE RED and PRESIOUS BLUE are now available!
The front and rear protectors on the seat wrap you up and invite you to the world of motor sports!

Challenge the bank (tilt) just like a motorcycle race !

The secret to the “bank” that tilts the machine is how to turn the corner faster.
GP RACERS is capable of cornering experiences with a “fast” and “sharp” angle that a real rider can do on a technical course followed by tight corners!

Jump out to the international racing course !

A dedicated course designed right next to the international racing course hosting the F1 Japan Grand Prix is the racing field!
Experience the power of being on a course!

Source - https://www.suzukacircuit.jp/motopia_s/2020/


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Didn't S&S Sansei have a modern version of the steeplechase up in their factory? This could be it, although the track shaping is not what I would associate a steeplechase coaster with.


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No this has 2 rails side by side on each track, although the layout looks steeplechase-esque.