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Space World Japan To Close In December 2017


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Been a while since Stealth and Stingers were mentioned in the same thread.

3 points to anyone that knows/remembers what I’m talking about


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Zaturn was taken down a couple of months ago, see @roomraider 's post on the previous page, so it's probably well on its way to its new home by now.

Actually a space just opened up for it here:
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Coincidence? I think not.

LoL i hope for Walygator, they already made a good experiance with Monster fro Japan and the Place would be perfect, and push the Park to another LevelBildschirmfoto 2018-05-30 um 01.17.38-min.png

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Oh god, is placing Zaturn over spots in parks going to become a new thing, like placing Kanonen over spots in parks briefly did?

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Cliché to say, but I'm sad to see this go to the scrapyard - except for you Zaturn... maybe? (Hopeful and curious to see it at a new park) For all its debatable merits in terms of actual ride enjoyment, Space World had a fair share of quirky and even unique rides, in pure Japanese fashion. The only Asian Arrow hyper and especially the first ever Maurer coaster weren't exactly topping my bucket list, but they definitely would have been a nice cred to get for Hipster bragging rights.

The bigger picture of Japanese economic stagnation is again showing, with yet another small to mid-size quirky park closing for good...


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Awww Venus was good.

Hopefully they burn ****ty Titan to the ground.


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Venus looked real good - I'm happy to hear that it isn't out the door just yet. It'd definitely make Rusutsu Resort worth the visit if I'm ever in that part of Japan.

As for Titan...based on that first photo in Roomraider's tweet which shows that it's missing the station, it appears that it's currently on the way out. As @Coaster Hipster stated, it'd be a cool cred to have ridden because Arrow hypers are so rare, but the ride itself looks pretty meh.


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Down comes the space shuttle. Not very gently it seems.


And judging by the close up here there wont be any saving Titan

Venus however headed north to Hokkaido

*winces at demo of shuttle*
At least Venus gets to maybe live again, but RIP the only Asian Arrow Hyper.
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