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Raven is being re-tracked, Holiday world are calling it the Raven evermore project. In total nearly 25% of the track will be repaired.

The park also stated "Oh. And there’s another surprise in this project that we’ll share about another day.
Calm down. It’s not another element. We’re just going to roll this announcement out later."

Some GCI steel track or maybe a new train?

Track has been taken off the lake turn.


I love this great little coaster and i am glad to see the effort the park put in to keeping it running well.

story: https://www.holidayworld.com/holiblog/2020/11/20/the-raven-evermore-project/

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Holiday World seems to take great care of their woodies! I remember Legend being comprehensively retracked a few years back, then they did Voyage (although I think they may have done that ride over a couple of seasons due to the raw length of it) and now they’re doing Raven too!

I wonder what the twist is? Given that the park has worked with GCI on Legend’s retrack (they did, right? Do correct me if I’m wrong here), I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some kind of GCI involvement for the “twist”; Titan Track wouldn’t surprise me, or possibly Millennium Flyers to replace the PTCs, maybe?


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Efteling is expanding their Max and Moritz square with a bakery restaurant.
"Bäckerei Krümel" in style of the Mack powered coaster and the chicken based restaurant Frau Boltes Küche.
Frau Boltes Küche had a recent addition of two small (simpel) animatronics of the characters Max and Moritz.

The link is only in Dutch, but include two really well done concept arts that give a good impression.


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"sent"! I love these skits, I'm amazed other places didn't jump on the bandwagon for a bit of social media fame!

I got sent the video of (teddy) bears on Untamed by friends & family that have no interest in theme parks, let alone overseas parks. If a British park did it, I might have managed to get one of them hooked on parks!


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The original Walygator Parc in France (home of the B&M Raptor clone "Monster") will see a slight name change as the Walygator brand is expanded to the former Walibi park in the south. Walygator Parc will now be Walygator Grand Est and the former Walibi park will be called Walygator Sud-Ouest.

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I guess it's confirmed then...



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