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Small News From The Theme Park Industry


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Glad to see someone get this fun ride. I spoke with many park owners here in the States about it, but they all said the asking price was more than the coaster was worth. Must have cost a pretty penny to buy and ship it to the new location. Hopefully it was worth it and delivers what the park expects.


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That park isn’t that far away from me… 🤔 Haven’t been in 15+ years, but I wouldn’t mind visiting for a few extra creds.


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Here is a walking tour Babylon park, the new FEC opening in Camden.

The coaster looks to be a bit "bigger" than I thought, taking you up the lift into a helix and hill, it then heads through the centre of the park on straight track and then turns to get back to the station.

The other rides all seem to be for little ones for the most part, but I'll definitely check it out next time I'm in London.


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A small park in Sweden called Tosselilla is getting a second hand Zierer ESC from the defunct Bowcraft Playland. The coaster is built with the finishing touches taking place, this should be a good addition for this diddy park, the coaster is set to open this year. Source
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For 10 year I lived 70km from this park. Never been there in all those years. Have driven past it multiple times. Might go now though.


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The Swedish king has personally stopped the sale of 1000 sqm of land to Gröna Lund. This plot is right next to the land that Gröna Lund already own. It is the land next to the water. The Swedish monarch has since the 1400s personally owned most of the island on which Gröna Lund is situated. It is called Kungliga Djurgården (kungliga means royal). It is also Sweden's most exclusive area with greatly powerful people living there. These people have complained about Gröna Lund's expansion plan. These complaints made the Land and Environmental Court disapprove Gröna Lund's expansion earlier this year due to it's "negative impact on the area". However the local politicians ignored the court and let Gröna Lund continue with their plans.

The king had previously said he would approve the land sale but has now personally intervened to stop it. However, he will allow Gröna Lund to rent the land. This is problematic as the rental agreement needs to be approved by the Land and Environmental Court (the same court which was against Gröna Lund a couple months ago). The court should present their judgement by the end of the spring.

Source: https://www.svd.se/a/47A6X9/kungen-satter-stopp-for-grona-lunds-planer

I personally don't think the court will let Gröna Lund use those 1000 sqm by the water and this will send Gröna Lund back to the drawing board to design a new expansion plan using only the land they already own. Pretty sad. Honestly, I don't get why we have a king. He is utterly useless and completely out of touch. He only cares about a couple of his friends living in their huge mansions on Djurgården while ignoring the millions who would enjoy a new Gröna Lund expansion. Would be a great thing to get rid of him and let Gröna Lund expand. I WANT THAT NEW COASTER!

Edit: Am I the first one inciting revolution for a coaster? Lol, a goon is a goon.

The Land and Environmental Court of Sweden will be making their decision regarding Gröna Lund's expansion in the coming weeks. An other government agency, the Swedish National Heritage Board has decided that the historical environment is at risk of being damaged. Would the court rule for the expansion, then they will rule against another government agency. The city and county governments still support the expansion. If the court decision favours Gröna Lund then they say that the expansion can be opened in about 4 to 5 years. Source: https://www.svt.se/nyheter/lokalt/s...grona-lunds-nu-ska-beslut-fattas-om-expansion

You tell me how a beautiful old time inspired theme park would be worse for the historic environment than a dilapidating parking lot and some exposed waste sorting facilities.


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Zamperla has sold their first Lighting (new Thunderbolt) model. No clue as to where yet.

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Isn't Southport getting one of these?

Six Flags Fiesta Texas’s Boomerang is getting two new trains with vest restraints, along with a new magnetic braking system. The refurb is set to take place in Spring 2023.

Two trains? On a Boomerang? I suppose they can have a spare in the shed. 😂


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Dreamworld is overhauling Giant Drop. In addition to what is listed below, they are reportedly removing the rest of the Tower of Terror track. It's great to see that the tower isn't going anywhere any time soon. I'll be curious to see if they mess with the controls at all as the 30+ second pause at the top was super inefficient, but extremely suspenseful.