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Skyline Park | New Attraction Developments| 2022-2024


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So next year they will be opening their original three attractions that were meant to open in 2022 (see below) and they look like they will be keeping the roundabout ride they had this year as a replacement ride, coaster track is on site and some supports have already gone in, flat ride parts are also on site.
  • Berg-Und Tal Hetz - Compact tire launch coaster.
  • Flotter Otto - Children's Double Coaster layout.
  • Looping Alois - Tower Planes thrill ride.

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Lo and behold, even relocating the intended replacement couldn't save the Wildcat. Currently touring Europe:

The family launch is going to be a 2024 debut. Almost certain the hyper has been delayed at least another season too on account of this.


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Video dropped of the "launch" coaster commissioning at the factory. Let's dig in.

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Also I'm referencing this song because SBF used it in the official animated concept for this coaster. Pretty Fly For a White Guy, The Offspring. Lyrics are extremely emblematic of what VISACOASTERS is doing right now.

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If anyone’s still wondering about the Gerstlauer hyper, it appears it’s been canned.


The reply roughly translates:
”This rollercoaster is not coming. The information is from the year 2021 and is now outdated! However, it frees ourselves up for the new family rollercoaster coming soon.”
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Actually this park has announced so many attractions that later were delayed or cancelled that I do not trust a word they say before I see a finished attraction. The chances to see a major coaster in this park (that basically is a collection of funfair rides with a mediocre amount of theming) is very low in my opinion. They seem to follow quantity before quality.


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That Skyline Park answer is just some marketing talk. They want their public to enjoy their latest rides and not have them wait for a future ride.
And also that family launched coaster that will open this year had a delay of 2 or 3 years. So why not wait for that hyper coaster for some more years.


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Anyone who remembers their plan to build a 16 looping coaster knows they've done this before.

They've called wolf before so I wouldn't get my hopes up.