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Six Flags St. Louis 2021 Raptor Plans


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Plans have emerged for Six Flags St. Louis's 2021 project which appears to be a Railblazer clone taking the place of their old Tidal Wave ride that was demolished last year. These plans still could be fake, but it would be some good new for the park if true seeing as they haven't gotten anything big in a while.




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Interesting how despite being a crappy cell phone picture, they managed to include the watermark with a phone number that checks out.

According to those in the comments, this is located in the plot that is currently occupied by their splash boat.
If this is true and we start seeing construction somewhere which tells us it is 2021 construction, then I will be happy cause it is a great fit for St Louis, but personally, I am learning to stay grounded until something publically more concrete is released like SFMM when the LA County Board Plans were unveiled. If it is something on the Missouri County Board then fine, it is real but I am staying 50/50 until something else pops up

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Wow, this is fantastic news if true! Six Flags St Louis seems to have been one of the more neglected Six Flags parks in recent years, so it should be nice to see them get a new coaster, especially one as good as the Raptors allegedly are!


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Take this is as Six Flags testing the waters. What if this supposed raptor works well? If they are happy with RMC, who know, maybe Iron Boss could be next ;-)