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Six Flags Great Adventure April 2021


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I went to Great Adventure on April 1st and I was able to get all of the credits except for El Toro, which was shut. Other than that it still had one of the best coaster collections probably in North America. The park is extremely underrated even with the best coaster closed


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Shucks, you missed out on my current #1.
It's not necessarily underrated (I mean, I often see so many people even on a weekday), currently it's just dead. Without El Toro, it just feels... Empty. This park is in need of an intense, modern wooden coaster. And since Jersey Devil is breaking down more than Joker's Jinx at SFA, it's even more dead, which is sad. They said Toro will reopen next year though, so I'm crossing my fingers for my 45th ride or whichever- lol I lost count.