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Silverwood | Stunt Pilot | RMC Raptor | 2021


Giga Poster
But why tone it down? If riding in a single file, going down at a 90° angle from 100+ feet with many inversions doesn't scream "extreme" it's not the coaster to blame, but people's judgement.

Not every ride has to be for everybody, and if you can't read a coaster by looking at it (unless it's Skyrush, which nothing can prepare you for its insanity just by the looks) it's your fault. There are plenty of "family-thrill" coasters in the market already: let the extreme ones be extreme.


Mega Poster
I’d imagine it’s probably more to do with technical adjustments due to the 10 car trains more than anything else.


Mega Poster
After seeing this one build. I have to change my mind on these coasters.
I actually quite like this version. And the white and red combo is really nice.


Mega Poster
Is it just me or can you hear and see the train jolt over the joins in the track sections? It was quite off putting in the POV. Here’s hoping they smooth that out. I’d assume that video was filmed on the first test run.

Matt N

Strata Poster
Even though everyone’s saying it’s slow compared to the other Raptors, I still think that looks ballistically fast, just like the other Raptors, personally.