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Shortest maximum height restriction on a non-kiddie coaster?

Matt N

CF Legend
Hi guys. As many of you know, Pantheon recently opened to passholders at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. While the ride has been receiving rave reviews thus far, one thing that has generated a surprising amount of discussion is its maximum height restriction, which is quite low at 6’4” or 1.93m. When you take into account that guests in a theme park are wearing shoes when being measured for this sort of thing, that means that anyone above about 6’3” or 1.9m barefoot can’t ride Pantheon (in theory). While definitely tall, I wouldn’t say 6’3” is that tall.

With that in mind, it did raise an interesting question for me; what is the lowest maximum height restriction on a non-kiddie coaster? I purposely exclude kiddie coasters here, because they often cap the height range that can ride at 5ft or below so as to exclude unaccompanied adults.

But non-kiddie coasters don’t really have a reason to do that. So with that in mind; does anyone know what the lowest max height is on a non-kiddie coaster?


Strata Poster
I recall GIBs (at least one Deja Vu anyway) have a low height - I want to say 6ft 2" but I have not googled it ;)

Matt N

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I don't think Wicker Man does have a 6'2" height restriction. I've never seen a max height signposted, only the 1.2m minimum height.

My dad's 6'6" (so 6'7" in shoes) and has ridden Wicker Man numerous times, for what it's worth.