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SFOG | Pandemonium | South's Tallest Frisbee


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Midway Mayhem has recent footage of Pandemonium’s structure, which has just gone up;

I believe Six Flags is scheduling this ride’s opening day to be on Memorial Day Weekend. I might just swing by Six Flags Over Georgia this summer and take a spin on it. ;)


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So it turns out that Pandemonium just opened on Friday! Here's the scoop from Midway Mayhem:
(As a head up, I skipped the video to when the rider-cam POV starts.)

I'll certainly be down here come this summer (after I'm back from Canada) as I really enjoy giant frisbees! Delirium at Kings Island used to be my #1 favorite flat ride until Harley Quinn Spinsanity at Six Flags Over Texas dethroned it, but Delirium is still my #2. Plus, Six Flags Over Georgia has two coasters in my top 15 (Goliath and Twisted Cyclone) as well as a Schwarzkopf - which if you look at my signature, it's not a surprise I would include it in the top coasters of Six Flags Over Georgia ;) - and Dare Devil Dive, Batman: The Ride and Georgia Scorcher never cease to thrill me. Pandemonium looks like a very solid, much-needed addition to the flat ride arsenal of Six Flags Over Georgia.


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A Premier Skyrocket III (Full Throttle) or S&S Air Launch (Maxx Force) would be a very welcome addition to Over Georgia to give it that much-needed third great coaster and make it an even more elite park.

It’s a bit off-topic, but what exactly would make a coaster a Skyrocket III? Whereas the Skyrocket II’s are of course all cloned, I thought Full Throttle’s layout was unique to its terrain.

I do agree that something similar would be a great addition at SfoG, already a very good park.