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SFOG GASM Coasterthon Winner!


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Today Six Flags Over Georgia held their Great American Scream Machine Coasterthon & our very own Sky won!
Congrats to Allison Feldman of Alpharetta, GA! She was crowned the winner of our Great American Scream Machine Coasterthon, sponsored by STAR 94 and RaceTrac! Allison won an all-expense paid trip for two to any Six Flags park in the U.S. of her choosing and a $250 gift card to RaceTrac!

Yay Sky!


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It's pretty exciting. I watched her make a few laps today. Unfortunately a school thing kept me from getting a chance, which was kind of disappointing, but it looks like Allison did a good job. And I suppose my interest is slightly more vested in this too as she asked me to come along with her. So that's exciting. But it was a pretty cool event all around.


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May as well come out of hibernation for this...

Yup, I won the Coasterthon, and it still hasn't totally hit me yet. Two days on Scream Machine, with a total of 152 rides. We started out with 22 and 4 made it through to the end, with a random draw for the grand prize. Still can't believe I actually won it..

Most amazing weekend ever, and I can't wait to get to Magic Mountain this summer!!


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Well done :)

So when will you next be going on Scream Machine bet you can not wait to ride it again lol.


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Brilliant stuff Sky - big congrats! :)

Mr Six scares me though - seriously gives me the creeps...


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That's awesome, I wish we had competitions like that over here haha.

And yes furie, I agree, I wouldn't want to be hugged by him at all =[


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Nice job, Sky. That sounds like alot of fun!

Although I'm sorry you had to hug that old guy. :wink:


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Marcus - haha, see Brian's post above :p

But thanks everyone! I'm super excited and the craziness of last night still hasn't worn off yet (though I woke up to a major backache..). And as for hugging Mr. Six, I was still in like a "holy crap what's going on this isn't real" kind of mood, so hugging a creepy old guy just paled in comparison to everything else going on.


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Well done..or AWESOME as you Americans love saying after riding.

Although after 152 rides, I guess you weren't feeling that awesome. Seriously though - congrats!

Have you decided who you're going to take yet? :p


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I actually felt totally fine right afterwards! I think I was numb from excitement though, since the pain hit me today.

I'm taking Brian with me, actually. He's my one friend who would truly appreciate a trip to Magic Mountain and who could have the most fun there with me. And since it's a three day trip, we're planning to hit Knotts as well.. :)