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SF Over Texas's Tweet

Youngster Joey

Strata Poster
So while browsing through twitter I noticed SFoT tweeted this

"This memorable photo from 1979 shows The Runaway Mine Train - the world's first tubular steel coaster!"

Now I was always under the impression that the "Matterhorn Bobsleds" at Disneyland was the worlds first Tubular Steel coaster. Am I wrong or is SF just BS-ing it?


Youngster Joey

Strata Poster
UC said:
Matterhorn is considered to be the first tubular steel-tracked coaster.

Runaway Mine Train is one of the first (having opened in 1966), and is considered the first true Mine Train coaster, but definitely not the first tubular steel coaster...

It seems like someone didn't do their research, but to be honest, you can always claim justification via technicalities with these kinds of things.

For the purposes of your question, no, there is nothing they know that you don't.

That's very true. Just glad I'm not crazy. at least this time :wink: