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seaworld san diego trip report!!

what's your favorite coaster at seaworld san diego??

  • manta!!

    Votes: 2 66.7%
  • electric eel!!

    Votes: 1 33.3%

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kenny cook

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hey everyone!! i'm brand new to coasterforce, so here's my debut trip report for seaworld san diego!! please enjoy!!
electric eel (2x): i absolutely loved it!! a fantastic coaster, and my new #6!! here's my full review, posted to youtube:
journey to atlantis (2x): honestly, it was not as good as i remember. the projections in the elevator were turned off, we didn't really get that wet, it had a nasty shake/grind to it, especially on the turns, and unlike every other ride at seaworld, i was underwhelmed with the operations
manta (4x): to be completely honest, the first time i rode it, i thought it sucked, it had a horrendous rattle that gave our entire group an instant headache. after a couple more rides, i came to appreciate the beauty of the ride and the better-than-disney ops. be sure to ride in the magic seat, row 7, right side, for the best experience
shipwreck rapids (1x): wow, after growing up with the extremely mild bigfoot rapids at knotts, this was a culture shock. the theming was decent, and we got absolutely soaked, it was super fun!!
riptide rescue (1x): this was definitely the underdog ride of the day. while i came in not expecting much, i was blown away with the smoothness, negative Gs, and overall fun factor of a mild looking attraction
orca encounter (1x): while it featured all the same tricks as the old shows, it definitely felt less impressive, and i was simply underwhelmed
octarock (1.5x): so half way through our first ride, they had to stop it to let someone off, so we got in that half a ride, and then we got to experience it again. while we were over the targeted age range, i personally thought it was fun, and we enjoyed acting like we were scared on the mildest ride there
sea dragon drop (1x): it was cute, and while not as good as any of the mini-drop towers at the other socal parks, the kids seemed to love it, so it's good in my book
clyde and seymour's sea lions live (1x): while the show had potential, neither of the animals wanted to coorperate, so it was simply trainers wandering around, improving, and telling aimless jokes
wild arctic (1x): i thoroughly enjoyed how bad it was, from the late 80s animations, to the nonsensical plot, to the cheesiness and stupidity of it all. i absolutely loved it and couldn't stop laughing
overall, the park blew me away, and it's definitely much better than my last visit from 2010. the entire park felt fresh and updated, explorer's reef was fantastic, the new kid's area was stellar, the operations were fantastic, almost all the employees were great, the animals were super cool, and my main complaint with this park was the early closing time of 6pm on a friday (as well as the most confusing park layout on planet earth). so, that's about it, and i'm so happy to kick off my first ever post on coasterforce!! thanks for reading, and be sure to check out my electric eel review and drop a like and comment!!


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I had the option of doing SWSD many years ago (2013) and passed it up due to a reasonably tight itinerary (well, I thought it would be better to spend an extra day in the Grand Canyon and Yosemite). I think I made the right choice at the time, but looking at their new additions since then I think I'll probably pop back in next time I'm in the area.

Welcome to CoasterForce, thanks for the report and good first post!


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I think SeaWorld San Diego is actually a pretty nice park yeah, despite the confusing layout hah. Glad you enjoyed the new SRII, it seems like a good fit for this particular park. Shame you found a rattle on Manta, though at least you found a seat you could enjoy it in, it’s fab <3 I re-rode it quite a lot on my visit last year. I also agree about Journey to Atlantis being quite underwhelming now :(