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Roller Coaster Marathon


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I'm considering going for a roller coaster marathon for charity. I want to know what you think. Should I do it?
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Nicky Borrill

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I think you'd be better picking a Mack or B&M 🙈 🤣

I've often pondered it myself though... but it'd be a crazy long time to be away from work, family etc...


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i know, its only considering I'm not saying I'm going to actually do it
not for 500 hours anyway

Nicky Borrill

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I'm in college so i thought about doing it in the term breaks
I could ride a coaster without getting off, the only thing that would stop me is sleep...

...This guy slept on the big dipper!!!! they ran the coaster at night, and had a custom shelter created to fit onto his car.... and he actually slept on it... for weeks!!!

Maximum respect for him, I know that sleep is where I'd fall down!


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Would be a hard challenge @NexusMoon but It would be cool to beat, The Big One is a perfect choice for this record, other than the first drop it’s chill relaxing layout and has a nice slow lift hill gives you lots of rest time, you also have great view to keep you busy, also it’s a well known giant coaster.

If you don’t want to beat his time on it you kind of have to go on a more impressive coaster, you could stay on a kiddy cred for longer but it’s not as impressive as the Big One. I thought of Shambhala but while it’s smooth and comfy I think I would struggle to sleep on it.

So my pic would be Tobotronc, the longest “coaster” on earth sounds impressive, with a 5577ft lifthill you could easily get some shut eye, you could even set the lever so you go down the mountain slow at night so you can sleep all the way through. Only thing is if you are limited to the UK there is always Fforest coaster ( hopefully they let you go round for free 😅 )


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I sat in front of Mr Rodriguez on two of his record attempts, Big One and Dipper, and had nice chats to help him keep going.
He used to sleep on the coasters with two pillows behind his head, and two in front, then a wedge of foam to keep it all in place.
He looked like he had been beaten up very badly, but one hell of a guy.
It stops being fun after the first hour...I gave up on the Big One after six rides on an hours ERT, the pain simply becomes too much.
Not something to get into lightly...it also costs a fortune to do...all those staff on double/triple shifts.