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Ridge Rider Playground Equipment

Darren B

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We've had the debate previously whether Ridge Riders are creds or not and opinions are quite rightly divided. However, Ridge Riders have been featured on Coaster-Count.com for a few years now and are fair game to count.

The problem with Coaster-Count.com is that they rely on the public to update them with news and information about new and current Ridge Riders. So, can you help? Do you live locally to one, or are you aware of the location of one, or more?

Below is a photo of a Ridge a Rider, they're not hard to miss and are found in playgrounds.

Currently the following are known to exist;

Listed by Coaster-Count -

Abbey Grounds, Cirencester (Operating)
Babbs Mill Park, Birmingham (SBNO)
Beechfield Road Play Park, Fremington (Operating)
Ferndene Park, Ryton (Operating)
Hattonrigg Play Park, Bellshill (Operating)
Hempshill Lane Recreation Ground, Bulwell (C-C lists as operating, however, I've found it to be SBNO)
Kit Hill Park, St Budeaux (Operating)
Southglade Park, Nottingham (SBNO)
Stoke Ski Centre, Stoke (SBNO)
Victoria Park, Barry (SBNO)
Woodlands Park, Maidenhead (Operating)

Not listed on a Coaster-Count;

Fryern Recreation Ground, Chandlers Ford (Operating) - Courtesy of Ian.

If you've found one please can you post the following;

-Park Name
-Road Name
-Whether Coaster-Count are aware.
-A photo would be brilliant but not essential.

I'll update the list accordingly, thanks.


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The split isn't very even though, to be fair. About 75-25% in favour of no having just looked at the old (2008) topic on here.

It's a (really fun) piece of playground equipment, as you correctly described it as in the thread title.


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Same thing as the stand up segway death trap a few months ago. Most will say no.

If it were powered, and maybe have a bit longer ride, then it might barely be considered 1/2 of a cred.

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^Darren will be enthralled to hear you think so.

As for me I won't count them, my rule of 'if it's on coaster count I'll count it' goes out of the window for this one. I'm assuming you have to push yourself round with your feet? If your momentum meant you would go round the whole thing without having to put in any effort yourself then I may consider it but these are just playground equipment in my opinion.

Chris Coasters

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Coaster-Count has the two coasters in Indiana that John Ivers built in his backyard so that pretty much have it all. My general rule of thumb is other then Alpine coasters and traveling creds I count everything on rcdb. Anything on CC that is "unknown" or something like this I wouldn't count. It would be interesting to try and ride it though. The only video I could find the person couldn't even get around a full circuit.


Social Media Team
Social Media Team
How are these a cred but Nautic Jets aren't <//3

Nautics have a lift, track, cars, they coast.

I'm still not convinced, sorry babe.

Mysterious Sue

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I don't count them but as you asked, I my friends know of a few around South London that aren't listed on Coaster Count.
When they get back from holiday in a couple of weeks, I'll get them to show me where they are and document them for you.

Does it count as a cred without a car though? i.e. broken/vandalised


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If you fall off does it get to be listed as a roller coaster accident? And can you count the (non) cred?


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nealbie said:
If you fall off does it get to be listed as a roller coaster accident? And can you count the (non) cred?
Reminds me of that discussion that we had years ago about counting a credit if you got evacuated on the MCBR halfway round your first ride...