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Rides you rode in the opening season?


Roller Poster
Cheetah Hunt and Manta. I was working for SeaWorld Parks and entertainment so I got tickets to the media/celebrity opening.


Roller Poster
2015- Wicked Cyclone (SFNE)

2016- Cobra's Curse (BGT), Mako (SWO), The Joker (SFGRAV), Phobia Phear Coaster (LC)

2017- Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster (SWSA), The Joker (SFNE), The Joker (SFOT)

2018- Wipeout (Palace Playland), Sea Viper (Palace Playland), Twist-N-Shout (Fun Land of Fredericksburg), Oscar's Wacky Taxi (Sesame Place), Twisted Timbers (Kings Dominion)

2019- Batman the Ride (SFDK), Tigris (BGT), Copperhead Strike (Carowinds)

2021- Dragon (LLNY), Dragon's Apprentice (LLNY), Jersey Devil Coaster (SFGRAV), Copperhead Mountain Coaster (Shepherd's Adventure Park), Fun in the Sun (Funplex MB), Avalanche Snow Coaster (Rowdy Bear), Lil' Devil Coaster* (SFGRAV)

2022- Wonder Woman Flight of Courage (SFMM), Lokolo (Lost Island), Nopuko Air Coaster (Lost Island), Sidewinder Safari (SFDK), Fireball (Adventureland Long Island), Tornado* (Big Play Entertainment Center), Spinning Coaster (The Track Destin)


Edward M

Strata Poster

2004- Stitch's Great Escape
2005- Buzz Lightyear DL
2006- Shamu Express
2008- Evel Knievel
2009- HRRR
2010- Harry Potter IOA
2011- Soarin' Eagle
2012 - Wild Eagle
2013- Outlaw Run
2014- Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
2016 - Lightning Rod
Frozen Ever After
2017 - Nemo and Friends Searider
Flight of Passage
Na'vi River Journey
OWA (3 coasters and 6(?) flats)
Spinning Coaster @ Track Gulf Shores
Justice League SFGAdv
Joker SFNE
Jimmy Fallon
2018 - Steel Vengeance
Twisted Cyclone
2019 - Untamed (Opening day and first CFer)
Crazy Bats
Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth
TMNT Shellraiser
Nickelodeon Slime Streak
Timmy’s Half Pipe
Haven't updated this since 2019! Rode nothing new in 2020 but have a few to throw out for the last two years.

Jersey Devil
Phoenix, Deno's
Skyflyer, Deno's

Iron Gwazi
Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind
Tony's Express