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Rides that still genuinely scare you...


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Sanchezmran said:
I'm kind of surprised that a lot of people said Oblivion. Is it the tunnel that makes it scarier? It's still not that tall (even though the drop is quite longer) and you pretty much know when your going to drop down; it's not like you're waiting at the very top of the drop tower not knowing when that's gonna fall. I didn't get front row either, but I don't think that would've changed much.

For me Oblivion seems to have a nostalgia fear. It was the most intimidating thing in the UK (in my opinion) for a really long time which made the hype so much more significant and to an extent, still does.


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caffeine_demon said:
Surprised no ones mentioned nautic jets yet!!

Or this;



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At one point (hard to check on mobile) CF's most popular YouTube video. And rightly so!
Waterfall is fab and terrifying.


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For me: Hades 360 at Mt. Olympus genuinely scares me. Actually, that whole park scares me.

In terms of fun-scared, I will go with seat 6-1 on Boulder Dash.


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Star Flyers do make me a bit nervous given you're only held up by four chain links far up in the air, but they're manageable.

Vertigo at Tivoli Gardens, whatever the model is actually called, is pure evil though.


It frightens me just looking at it.


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Drop Towers

No matter how big, or how small they scare the living crap out of me. Ask anyone I've traveled with, I will absolutely refuse to ride any drop tower (without any kind of compensation rewarding my efforts)


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cookie said:
Vertigo at Tivoli Gardens, whatever the model is actually called, is pure evil though.
Ohh! Flying Furies :--D They're amazing!! Produced by the italian manufacturer Technical Park. So sorry they nerfed the version at Tivoli Gardens though, it was so much better when you where still able to control the planes yourself :(
Apart from what I put before, which I think was Dragster/Ka and drop towers, I'd definitely throw Air Races in there as well as Dodonpa and Eejanaika. I didn't want to touch my controls on the Air Race, and the two coasters scared the crap out of me.


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Nothing actually scares me on ride, apart from the slight heart racing on drop towers, but that's quite rare for me now. It's always standing in the queue which gets me an excited/nervous anticipation for the ride itself. There may be a few rides I've forgotten about though.


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Skyrush terrified me every single time I rode it... It is that insane!

And big Intamin accelerators like Ka or Dragster, mainly because of the sheer power they have and the thought of a cable snapping lol


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I used to be terrified of tower rides to the point where I would refuse to ride them, now it's more of a sense of slight uneasyness waiting for the drop.

Launches are fine for me in general but I know I'm going to **** myself when I eventually get around to riding Dodonpa. That launch looks absolutely insane!


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The giant 200ft tall fabbri boosters, well they are fun once they are full speed, but the few rounds of acceleration are scary as hell, especially because that's where the gondola spins most

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River Quest at Phantasialand. I'm not a huge fan of getting soaked, and being on River Quest feels like playing Russian Roulette with death by drowning.

Will still do it, but terrifies me.