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Revenge of the Mummy undergoing “lengthy refurbishment” starting 7th January; due to end in “late summer 2022”

Matt N

CF Legend
In other Universal Orlando news that I’m surprised has been overlooked, Revenge of the Mummy is closing for a “lengthy refurbishment” starting on 7th January 2022 and lasting through late summer 2022: https://www.insideuniversal.net/202...mmy-to-undergo-lengthy-refurbishment-in-2022/

Interesting… could this be ROTM getting the Hulk treatment, or is it a more thematic/cosmetic refurbishment as opposed to a mechanical one? Or could it be a bit of both? It will be 18 years old by 2022, so I guess trackwork isn’t off the table given that Hulk was 16 when the retrack was conducted, and Dragon Challenge was 18 when it was removed.

I only think it’s interesting because 6+ months is a very, very long time for mere routine maintenance… I think something more could be involved here.

I have full faith in Universal to do an amazing job, but I hope they don’t mess with it too much, as RotM was personally one of my favourite attractions at Universal Orlando, and I know that many others feel the same. It’s good that they’re extending the ride’s lifespan for years to come instead of removing it, though!


Mega Poster
I don’t think you need to worry. The main purpose here will make no noticeable changes to the ride, for guests. They may use the time for cosmetic stuff too but the layout etc will be untouched.

In my experience, this shutdown duration and lack of fanfare etc means this is almost certainly a control system upgrade. The ride & show controls on Mummy are complex (far more so than Hulk etc) and so old that Universal will be struggling for spares by now. They’ll need a full refit and testing, almost like a new ride.

The track on the other hand is solid. The (relatively) light single cars and perfect Stengel dynamics mean those thick Premier rails are all good, trust me. So yeah, other than losing her for 6 months, don’t expect any big changes on Mummy. : )

Matt N

CF Legend
Sorry to bump, but I'm hearing rumours swirling around that we could be seeing Hulk-style track upgrades here, as well as a slightly altered theme that removes the Brendan Fraser/movie set aspect of it, instead putting you straight into the tomb story itself.

To be honest, I quite like the sound of that! If the movie set stuff went and was replaced by Egyptian tomb stuff, with the queue and final scene being made to look more like a tomb (or at least something slightly more befitting of the Egyptian theme), I honestly think I'd prefer that to the original, because I always found the movie-based elements of it (for instance, "where's my cup of coffee?" from Brendan Fraser at the end of the ride) slightly confusing and out of step with the rest of the attraction. If I hadn't later read the ride synopsis online, I wouldn't get those bits at all.


Roller Poster
That'd be a bit of shame. I always found Brendan Fraser asking for a cup of coffee to be on the amusing side.