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This is a topic for posting new CS that you might have found and like or new CS that you have created. This will also include some polls from time to time about what the best CS set is in certain categories (i.e. supports, path accessories, etc.). Thought of starting this topic after browsing CS Depot and finding some cool new sets.
Rules for new sets
-You MUST under all circumstances post where to find the CS sets that you suggest!!!!!
-I would rather this be devoted to newer sets or more obscure sets that are really useful. So no posting Steelworx, Steel Jungle, etc.
-This is not a thread for anything but CS or CTR's and CFR's. Please no posting tracks, parks, or scenarios of any kind here.


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DasMatze's Utilities Set was my b**** today. It includes footers, his Peep Generator and a Support Killer, plus other things of RCT3 usefullnessness.
http://www.rct-net.de/page.php?id=342&a ... ad&did=304

His Wooden Support Overhaul set is amazing and requires no effort. Just rename the folders already in the file (the readme will show you) to 1 and 2 and place the ts1 and ts2 folders where they used to be. And mostly, the work is done for you!
http://www.customscenerydepot.com/index ... w;down=856

Anything by Parallax, Techno_Dude or Krypt is also amazing.
http://www.customscenerydepot.com/cslist/?user=366 (Parallax)
http://www.customscenerydepot.com/cslist/?user=342 (Techno)
http://www.customscenerydepot.com/cslist/?user=356 (Krypt)


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Two recent CTRs/CTs that have been worked on for a while are finally here:
1) Krypt's New Texas Giant CTR: http://www.shyguysworld.com/index.php/topic,6354.0.html

Note: you will need the PEP Add-on Part 1 to make this work. Just Google "rct3 europa park addon" and it should come up.

2) Coaster-Inc's Rita Recreation CT and CS: http://www.shyguysworld.com/index.php/topic,12009.0.html

Note: to get the CT, click on the YouTube link at the beginning of the thread. The download link is in the video's description on YouTube. Also, read the thread before downloading because there apparently is a CTR that was included that was not released yet (the Cheetah Hunt one). I would recommend not using that specific car until this issue is resolved.