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Real Madrid Resort Island


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No prizes for guessing where this will be 'built'.


Semi-relevant because I saw a coaster and the video suggests an amusement park. Reckon they checked to see how Ferrari World was doing before looking at this?


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Smithy said:
No prizes for guessing where this will be 'built'.

To be serious though; this seems like total madness! Who want's to go all the way to UAE to visit a spanish fotball club branded theme park and resort? And I thought Real Madrid was out of money, taking constantly loans from the spanish government as they're doing.. But it'll probably be financed by arabian investors anyway. But still, I thought Ferrari World was doing really bad?


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Barcelona Resort Island would be better.

On a serious note, the best thing about this would be the stadium overlooking the sea, but I agree this wont happen.


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I bet there's a game where you have to bribe as many FIFA officials in a minute to win a prize.


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Haha, I like their expected number of visitors...they'd be extremely lucky to get that although I guess they can shoot for it.

Here's another article about it in the L.A. Times. Doesn't say much but it's interesting that there is exposure this early in the U.S.


And all of the footage of the invert is apparently from OzIris, the new Park Asterix coaster. I'm guessing this means they are planning to put in a B&M invert...interesting that they seem to be making a bit of a resurgence (although I guess this one wouldn't be built for quite some time :-\)


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A bit of a necro-bump this, but it sounds like a toned down version of this is slated to open in late 2023 as a part of Dubai Parks & Resorts.

It makes me wonder if this is where the coasters that are currently still in storage from the failed Six Flags Dubai are going?


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If they're planning this to be any decent size at all then late 2023 is an insanely optimistic opening time for a park. Hell even if it's just a big building with a couple of rides dumped in it that's still a surprisingly quick turn around unless theyve already started in stealth mode.

Calling it now 2025 opening if it happens at all 🤣


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There's a big hint in the article for this not opening in 2023...

The designs are now being finalised

I'd say they're officially launching the PROJECT in 2023, but not the actual experience. Either that, or it's just a travelling exhibit that's marketed as a theme park / themed experience.