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RCT 3 Competition - Time Machine


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Jammyband: I think you should wait until the riders choice. I think people would rather see pictures once your laptop is fixed anyway.

Furie: I think that will be ok, as long as it isn't a ridiculous amount (I'd say no higher than maybe seven or eight). I just don't want the smaller posts to get overshadowed by the larger ones.


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It's going to be interesting working out how to convey:

The park, 1 or more roller coasters, 2 flat rides, and 1 food and refreshment area in 5 screenshots.

Means 1 awesome screenshot for each aspect.

Challenge accepted.


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So far I've received 2 submissions thus far and I will be throwing my own creation into the riders choice.

Also I might be away this weekend so if you are late getting your submission in, and the riders choice isn't posted, you may still submit your park.