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Rate the Intamin Airtime Machines (Steel & Wood)...

Number 1 Intamin Airtime Machine?

  • Millennium Force

    Votes: 1 6.3%
  • Intimidator 305

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Skyrush

    Votes: 3 18.8%
  • Bizarro

    Votes: 1 6.3%
  • Superman: Ride of Steel

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Ride of Steel

    Votes: 1 6.3%
  • Expedition GeForce

    Votes: 1 6.3%
  • Goliath

    Votes: 2 12.5%
  • Thunder Dolphin

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Fly Over Mediterranean

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Kawasemi

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Mega-Lite

    Votes: 1 6.3%
  • Piraten

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • El Toro

    Votes: 4 25.0%
  • Balder

    Votes: 1 6.3%
  • Collosos

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • T-Express

    Votes: 1 6.3%
  • American Eagle

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Aska

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Elf

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Jupiter

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Pegasus

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • White Cyclone

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Other (If I've missed an obvious one of the list)

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters

Darren B

Active Member
Giga coasters, Mega coasters, Plug & Play's, Woodies & Mega-Lite's. All are designed to deliver speed, height and airtime. Some deliver better in certain areas than others, But all are generally well perceived within the community. Rank yours here...

Mine looks something like this;

1. Expedition GeForce - Simply the best coaster I've ever ridden. It has a fantastic first drop, offers amazing amounts of both floater and ejector airtime throughout and is in most cases very comfortable to ride.

2. Skyrush - Fantastic coaster. Incredible amounts of airtime where the coasters tries to throw you out (multiple times!) and has the best drop you'll ever find on an Intamin airtime machine. The only points that let this coaster down for me is the restrains which can be extremely painful if you don't sit correctly and the layout doesn't offer that much; ALL it does is just try and throw you out throughout the ride.

3. Collosos - Great ride throughout. Offers lovely floater over every hill and even offers some unexpected sideways airtime at the peak of the turnaround. I can't fault this coaster. Best ride is at the front.

4. Bizarro (SFNE) - Overrated on the first 2 rides I had. The restraints made every moment of airtime painful until I tried crossing my legs on rides 3&4. Then you see why it's been rated the best steel coaster in the world on so many occasions. Take away the pain and it offers glorious airtime throughout, the airtime into the tunnel dive is the best element of the ride for me.

5. Goliath (WW) - Fabulous little Mega coaster and the standout ride at a very mediocre park. It offers some great airtime over the first hill and the returning bunny hills and the Stengel dive adds a great touch to a very good ride. Wasn't a huge fan of the helices though.

6. Millennium Force - Massively overrated. First drop is incredible, as is the speed that it generates, but then it's all very mediocre. It offers little to no airtime and really is all about the speed. A good solid coaster but nowhere near world class.

7. El Toro - Another massively overrated coaster in my opinion. It has huge amounts of ejector airtime over the first 3 hills but then just meanders around to a huge anti-climax. Even the airtime it gives is very standard; It's just what I expected it to deliver in terms of ejector airtime, but, I was expecting it to mix it up with a good amount of floater airtime just as it's German big brother delivers in abundance. Really gutted that El Toro didn't reach the huge expectations I had for it.

8. American Eagle - It's an Intamin that was primarily designed to offer airtime so it's only fair that it should feature in this topic. I really enjoyed it and it offered a lot more airtime than I was expecting; some lovely floater throughout and one of the shocks of my trip to the states. Left side (Blue?) is slightly more comfortable that the right side.


Well-Known Member
1 - Bizarro - I don't know what you're talking about, this was awesome, no discomfort at all!

2 - Skyrush - Nothing else compares - In terms of pure airtime, it would be top, slight discomfort knocks it down one!

3 - Colossos (heide, just in case anyone's thinking I'm talking about that thing at thorpe) - Blisteringly good fun, and probably the most comfortable ever!

4 - Piraten - the world needs more megalites - Maintains great speed throughout, and great air over every hill - No park should be without one!

5 - Balder - good solid fun, but not the world beater so many seem to claim

6 - EGF - the fact that it really needs to warm up, and be ridden close to the front knock this down a bit (Oh - and the corners don;'t seem to do much for me either) - in the right place at the right time, it's great!

7 - Millennium force - another well overrated coaster.

8 - Superman - Ride Of Steel- SFA - Might have been ok, if it wasn't for those awful shin-cripplers, I can only imagine how awful bizarro must have been with these!!


Staff member
Social Media Team
It's hard to mix the steel and wood really, but from what I've ridden:

1. T-Express - A couple of huge "El Toro" style drops followed by a low-down section full of airtime. It's been described as "El Toro + Balder", but it's way more than that; the "Balder" section kicks Balder's arse.

2. Expedition GeForce - Fantastic ride. Can't fault it at all.

3. El Toro - Deserving of a top three spot purely for the first drop and that WTF airtime moment later in the ride.

4. Bizarro - Hated the soundtrack, found that the speakers got in the way, but it's a great coaster with some amazing airtime moments.

5. Colossos - Unfortunately only got to ride it once, and loved that single ride, but it's hard to make a proper judgement. Got a feeling it would drop a bit with rerides due to the layout being somewhat simple.

6. Fly Over Mediterranean/Kawasemi/Piraten - These are, by far, the best coasters for their height and footprint. Actually I'd probably stick Atlantis Adventure into that category too, but it's a totally different kind of coaster. The Megalites all ride exactly the same. Anyone who tells you differently is being an "I've been to Japan and you haven't" w@nkstain.

7. Goliath - A great coaster, but I think the Mega-Lites just about deserve a higher spot due to doing essentially the same thing, but with less room to play with.

8. Thunder Dolphin - The first drop is amazing, but otherwise the coaster itself is nothing special. However, the location and interaction with the surrounding area make this an excellent all-round experience.

9. Millennium Force - Much better than I'd been led to believe. As a standalone coaster it's better than Thunder Dolphin; it just doesn't have the overall WTF factor that TD has, being one of the world's tallest coasters and sitting right in the middle of Tokyo.

10. Balder - Hopefully I'll get to change my mind in a few weeks, but it didn't do much for me. I think I might have been expecting too much based on the other three plug 'n' plays though.

11. I305 - I remember that I didn't like it much, but can't remember any details as to why now, which says it all really. A coaster that size should have left much more of an impression.

12. White Cyclone - Not a bad coaster by any stretch, but if we're looking at these based on airtime, then it doesn't really deliver a great deal. A fun, if rattly, coaster though. I'd be tempted to say Regina (not on the list) is better though.


Well-Known Member
Of the few I've been on, I'd rank them like this

1. El Toro- I love wooden coasters the most and this one was nuts. Super smooth, full of airtime and great speed/pacing. You know it's a good coaster when you hear so much good stuff about it and it still exceeds expectations.

2. Skyrush- Just absolutely crazy. Some of the most insane airtime I've ever experienced on any coaster.

3. Bizarro- A great ride full of airtime and a lot of other fun elements. Airtime isn't quite as strong as Skyrush's but I'd say that the ride is just as fun!

4. Millennium Force- Pretty much no airtime, so if we're rating airtime this would be in the bottom two probably, but I'm not as much of a hater as everyone seems to be. It's beautiful aesthetically, the views are awesome, and the thing just seems so HUGE even though it's not the tallest coaster I've been on. The first drop still always amazes me.

5. Superman: Ride of Steel- Um, pretty decent I guess. A lot better than the one at Darien Lake and a few spots had some good airtime, but I just always thought the layout and pacing were pretty poor.

6. Intimidator 305- Airtime machine? Pretty sure my butt never left the seat on this one. It keeps up the speed pretty good, but the forces are sometimes uncomfortable and the ride just wasn't really all that pleasant.

7. Ride of Steel- Airtimeless piece of one train operation crap with crap restraints.


Active Member
1. Piraten - Nothing I've ever been on comes close to the intensity and the level of airtime. Sure it's not suatsined for as long as on Balder, Colossos or EG, but it's just so much stronger. I can only imagine how Skyrush rides :shock:

2. Balder - The amount of moments you get airtime on this ride is awesome, and it delivers great ejector on every hill. Ride in the first or last car of the train, in the middle the airtime is very noticeable weaker.

3. Expedition Gefore - Not the airtime monster I imagined it would be but don't get me wrong, it's still awesome. It have the best first drop in the world, and first two big hills are totally nuts, but after that it get's a bit more normal. Still a really kick-ass ride that I could ride all day. If the two trim brakes along the ride would be removed I can imagine the ride going up a level.

4. Colossos - Amazing wooden coaster, with awesome airtime on the first two and last three hills. Great first drop, but it's a bit rough in the first couple of valleys, after a few rides I got a bit of a headache. I imagine it would be quite easy to re-track a prefabricated wood coaster, and they would only have to do the parts that are rough, but I think it's time!

I think rides like El-Toro and Skyrush would be my number one and two if I ridden them, they seem like the kind of ride I love!


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1) Skyrush: what an amazing ride!! Strongest and most prolonged airtime I've ever experienced, great sensation of speed as well!

2) Colossos: great first drop and and amazing first two airtime hills! Then it unfortunately dies...

3) Bizarro: rated lower than Goliath in my rankings, but based on pure airtime it has more than it's similar cousin!

4) Goliath: amazing ride, but a bit low on strong airtime.

5) I305: Super amazing ride!! But rated on airtime it really only has two significant moments: first drop and the hill after the black-out turn. Those two are great though!

6) Piraten: Good considering it's size, but not close to it's bigger cousins...

7) Expedition GeForce: Great first drop but then the rest is slow and dull...

8) Balder: good family ride, and probably great for those that have not been on the bigger Intamin rides. A bit weak airtime for my taste, and very slow and repetative layout.

9) Superman RoS: Dull and a bit uncomfortable.


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American Eagle

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