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Rank the Thorpe Park coasters

Matt N

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Hi guys. As I visited Thorpe Park yesterday, I'd be intrigued to know your ranking of their coasters if you've been. I'll get the ball rolling with my personal ranking:
  1. The Swarm
  2. Nemesis Inferno
  3. Stealth
  4. The Walking Dead: The Ride (known as X when I last rode in 2014)
  5. Flying Fish
  6. Saw: The Ride
  7. Colossus
But what are your personal Thorpe rankings?


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1. New for 2019 - a bouncy castle
2. Inferno
3. Swarm
4. Saw
5. Stealth
6. Colossus
7. X when it was ride the wave of light and sound
8. Fish


Donkey in a hat
Oh go on then:

1. The Swarm. Great ride, probably my 2nd favourite UK coaster.
2. Stealth. Great ride, probably my 3rd favourite UK coaster.
3. Nemesis Inferno. Solid, but unremarkable.
4. Colossus. I do quite like it to be fair but man, those cramped seats and horrible restraints suck!
5. Saw: The Ride. It's a bit brutal, but isn't that kinda the point of Jigsaw's torture devices? So in that sense, it kinda works.
6. X/:WTF/ TWDTR. I secretly had a bit of a soft spot for this in its WTF days, mainly due its weird, kitschy wtf-ness. The Walking Dead makeover isn't bad either, but no amount of window dressing can disguise the fact that the hardware itself is pretty shoddy.
7. Flying Fish. I secretly had a bit of a soft spot for this too back in the day, but I preferred it in its original location next to the sunken garden. Nowadays, it's just kind of... there, and I don't think I've ridden it for about 10 years.

Since we're talking Thorpe, I'd also like to mention that Slammer was by far my favourite UK flat ride (RIP), Rush and Vortex also rate very highly for me, and Logger's Leap (RIP) was my favourite UK flume. Really hope that place restores my faith and builds something epic very soon.


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I think mine is a bit of an odd ranking,

1: Stealth : Only ride that gives me a real thrill at the park
2: Swarm : I have been spoiled with outer wing coasters, but its very re-rideable
3: Colossus : Had a ride in the front this year, minimal headbanging and great forces, its surprised me.
4: Inferno : It's just good.....yea
5: TWDTR : Do not care for the theme but it's done well, prefer X still ?
6: Fishy : Its Adorable and nostalgic but in the wrong park.
7: Saw : To rough to enjoy and do not care for the theme.

I also think the flats here are some of my favourites, Rush and Samurai for me are the best. However the Loss of Slammer, Loggers, outer classics and new additions that i could not care for are making me less interested in going. Hopefully they come up with something amazing in there near future.


Hyper Poster
1. Stealth
2. Saw
3. Inferno
4. Swarm
5. Colossus

I've been here way too much the last few years so the coasters are losing their appeal for me. I find them very samey and inversion heavy hence my top 2 are the only ones that aren't just inversion after inversion. Apart from Stealth it feels like a filler lineup, for example Infernos layout is essentially the post MCBR section of Khan or Montu yet it's presented here as a headline coaster.

I no longer work for Merlin and I have no interest in buying an annual pass so hopefully once I stop visiting multiple times a year I'll start to appreciate the coasters more as they are solid if unspectacular.


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Since we're talking Thorpe, I'd also like to mention that Slammer was by far my favourite UK flat ride (RIP), Rush and Vortex also rate very highly for me, and Logger's Leap (RIP) was my favourite UK flume. Really hope that place restores my faith and builds something epic very soon.
^ this.

I CBA to visit Thorpe at the moment. Slammer and Loggers were my highlights along with Stealth. All the other coasters are just... there?


Giga Poster
1. Stealth - the initial acceleration on the launch (ie. the jerk) is world class; the only thing at Thorpe that you could possibly use that description for. Also wins the prize for most airtime on a brake run.
2. Saw - nicely put together, good theming, decent pops of airtime.
3. Swarm - a bit slow and limp.
4. Nemesis Inferno - the weakest of the 5 European B&M inverts I have done. The Zero-G is the best bit.
5. Colossus - it's alright, the quad roll doesn't do much for me though, I just hold on and wait for it to finish.
6. TWDTR - you can't polish a turd. It needed a family IP to redeem it, really.
7. Flying Fish


Mega Poster
  1. Nemesis Inferno: Underated Invert IMO. In the back row it can be fun and forceful. Raptor and Nemesis are better but its still great fun.
  2. Stealth: Great Launch, way better than Red Force due to forceful and smooth launch.
  3. Swarm: Theming. Actual ride is kinda meh.
  4. Saw: Ouch. Indoor section redeems it.
  5. TWD: Fun theming, family coaster with awkward theme?
  6. Flying Fish: Family coaster, pretty standard.
  7. Colossus: You get the credit, you don't ride again.
Overall don't really rank Thorpe's coasters, i much prefer Alton's lineup tbh.

Nicky Borrill

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1) Stealth

2) Swarm

3) Inferno

It gets harder from there, not really a fan of any of the others, but I guess Saw is next, then TWD, Colli and the fish.

Edward M

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Missed X:/No Way Out which kinda bums me out cause it looks like the kinda schlocky ride I might’ve liked.

  1. Stealth- One of the weakest Intamin accelerators but it’s still better than the rest of their coasters
  2. Swarm- Nice interactions I suppose but its layout’s pretty uninspired
  3. Nemesis Inferno- like Batman but less interesting, nice interactions I suppose
  4. Saw- Think the indoor bit was genuinely good. Otherwise, a blur of head banging and a good airtime hill.
  5. Colossus- Ouch, shame it’s so rough cause the layout is decent. Final inversions are interesting but with those restraints it’s mostly just annoying
  6. Flying Fish- Smooth at least


Roller Poster
1. The Swarm
2. Stealth
3. Saw: The Ride
4. Nemesis Inferno
5. Colossus
6. The Walking Dead: The Ride

Not including Flying Fish because I think it's a bjt unfair to compare a kiddie coaster to larger rides.


Hyper Poster
1. The Swarm - smooth, rerideable, good interactions, but actually the worst of the 3 B&M Wing coasters I've ridden
2. Stealth - fast, fun, thrilling, but too short
3. Colossus - decent layout, the trains are uncomfortable but otherwise I wouldn't say it's particularly rough
4. Nemesis Inferno - a decent enough invert , not a patch on it's older brother, but I've come to enjoy it more the more I've ridden it
5. Saw: The Ride - love the theme, but it's a bit rough. I've come to enjoy this less the more I've ridden it!
6. The Walking Dead: The Ride - very good retheme of a **** ride
7. Flying Fish - kiddie cred

It's a close call but just on coasters alone I think Thorpe is my favourite UK park. They have nothing absolutely outstanding but the overall quality/thrill level puts it a little above Alton I think.

Matt N

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Hi guys. As I visited Thorpe Park yesterday, I'd be intrigued to know your ranking of their coasters if you've been. I'll get the ball rolling with my personal ranking:
  1. The Swarm
  2. Nemesis Inferno
  3. Stealth
  4. The Walking Dead: The Ride (known as X when I last rode in 2014)
  5. Flying Fish
  6. Saw: The Ride
  7. Colossus
But what are your personal Thorpe rankings?
I've realised that I should probably justify myself a little with regards to my rankings. I'll also give a rating out of 10 and an overall spot in my complete rankings:
  1. The Swarm - What a ride! I have to say that The Swarm is one of the most fun coasters I've ever been on, and I think it's somewhat underrated! For me, the g-forces strike a really good balance; not strong enough to cause me to feel queasy or exhausted getting off, but strong enough to make the ride feel thrilling and exhilarating! I also find that The Swarm has great inversions and hangtime, is glass smooth wherever you sit, and I actually think it has decent pacing! Overall, I just absolutely adore The Swarm! (10/10, overall #3)
  2. Nemesis Inferno - It might not quite be Nemesis, but I still find Inferno to be a really solid inverted coaster in its own right! The ride has some surprising force and whip, and I liked it more than I'd remembered when I rerode it on Friday! Overall, a very solid inverted coaster, and a very underrated one, in my opinion! (9/10, overall #11)
  3. Stealth - For me, Stealth falls into a similar category to Oblivion at Alton Towers as a "short but sweet" coaster. The launch is a real rush, and I actually got quite a good pop of airtime out of the top hat last time I rode! I'm not sure if I like it quite as much as some, but I do have a soft spot for Stealth! (8/10, overall #14)
  4. The Walking Dead: The Ride - I've only ridden this once, and that was in 2014 when it was known as just X. The lighting was nice, but I don't remember the hardware really standing out that much on its own among family coasters. It was perfectly fine, but it didn't really push the boat out compared to some other family coasters I've done. I must admit that I haven't experienced it as TWD yet, however, as I don't really like scare attractions. (4/10, overall #44)
  5. Flying Fish - Flying Fish is far from the most exhilarating coaster I've ever ridden, and it's not even my favourite powered coaster, but it's a fun little ride nonetheless! There's some reasonable whip for a family coaster if you sit towards the back, and it does pick up some speed in sections! Overall, a very solid little ride for what it is! (4/10, overall #46)
  6. Saw: The Ride - Saw has a solid layout on the face of it, but I almost think it falls victim to being a little too intense in portions, personally. There's some pretty rough portions in the layout as well; there's some hard jolts in places, and that post-MCBR section seems to give me a headache every time with its combination of intensity and roughness. There is a nice airtime hill, however! Overall, I can see the appeal of Saw, but I just find it a bit too rough and intense for me to enjoy fully. (3/10, overall #53)
  7. Colossus - This ride was notoriously my least favourite coaster for a number of years. I tried it again on Friday after hearing reports that the ride had improved and because it had been 5 years since my last ride, but I'm afraid I still didn't particularly enjoy it. There was quite a lot of headbanging throughout, and matters weren't helped by the fact that I could only just fit my knees behind the other seat. It's a shame, as the location is really nice and I think the layout itself is actually a rather good one; the roughness just ruins it for me. Colossus is no longer my least favourite coaster, but I'm afraid it's still down there. (3/10, overall #57)
So all in all, I'd say Thorpe has quite a solid coaster lineup. My average rating out of 10 at the park is 5.857142 recurring, which I think is 2nd in the UK to Alton Towers with an average rating of 6.3, so all in all, I find Thorpe to have quite a solid coaster collection!


Strata Poster
1. Stealth - Fantastic launch, great top hat, sweet airtime hill/brake thing.
2. Nemesis Inferno - Short and sweet. Fun inversions, good interactions, just lacks the intensity that some of the better inverts have.
3. Swarm - My first wing rider and had a fun time with it. Cool inversions, backwards seats were interesting, just the tight restraints weren't good on the brake run.
4. Colossus - Better than expected. Not the most comfortable, but those zero g rolls were wild.
5. Saw: The Ride - Amusing indoor section, rest is a blur. Had a random intense airtime moment or two.
6. X - Yawn.
7. Flying Fish - I actually remember enjoying it for what it was? This was actually around the time I started riding kiddie creds again for the +1's so it was silly.


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This is minus Stealth, which I haven’t been on yet, and also minus Flying Fish, which I don’t know how to rank next to the other coasters given that ranking kiddie coasters & thrill rides by the same sort of criteria feels silly to me. I also feel like my rankings might be a little odd but I’m going off personal enjoyment as opposed to actual quality or originality or anything.

1. Colossus. I actually really adore it; I’ve not found it as rough as people say it is (not that I mind roughness much anyway) and I have the advantage of being fairly small so the restrictive restraints aren’t THAT restrictive on me (they’re snug, but not uncomfortably so). I have loads of fun on it every time and I also feel like it’s one of the few rides at Thorpe that doesn’t end too quickly. I love the theme music and queue atmosphere as well. A completely biased ranking but I just love it and haven’t had the same bad experiences with it as a lot of others seem to.

2. Nemesis Inferno. It’s a really fun, intense, smooth little ride. It was also my first coaster with inversions and my first proper ‘’’extreme’’’ ride so I respect it for really getting me into coasters. The themeing is amongst the best in the park as well and it looks cool from the top of detonator. Like red spaghetti. I usually ride it first to set me up for the day.

3. The Swarm. It’s a neat, smooth ride and the near misses are really cool but I don’t usually get the same rush from it as I do from the former two, possibly because it feels really short.

4. The Walking Dead: The Ride. I preferred it when it was X:\ No Way Out because it was so weird and funny and I liked going backwards but the retheme has worked really well for it and I always come off smiling. It’s a fun ride to go on with friends. I can’t rank it any higher though because coaster-wise it’s obviously a sort of underwhelming ride experience compared to the others.

5. SAW: The Ride. I don’t HATE it per say and I think the indoor section is superb in its own way but for the most part I find it slightly too rough to be enjoyable and I hate vertical lift hills, they stress me out no end. I wouldn’t queue more than maybe half an hour for it unless I was with someone else who desperately wanted to go on it.

These rankings may well change if I go back and re-ride some more or finally get over my deathly fear of heights enough to go on Stealth in a few months, though. ;)


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Stealth - 2nd best ride in the UK for me (after Nemesis, obviously). Launch is one of the best out there.

Nemesis Inferno - Close between this and Swarm, but I like the speed and intensity of the B&M inverts a bit more.

The Swarm - This is a very good coaster, and very close behind Inferno.

The Walking Dead: The Ride - We're into forgettable territory now.

Flying Fish - Meh. Better than the other two.

Saw: The Ride / Colossus - I can't even be arsed to rate these. They're both horrific. Colossus due to it's age, Saw due to it's lumpiness.

Dan Nguyen

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1. Stealth - Pretty great launch. Its basically a mini-Ka and I really like Ka
2. Nemesis Inferno - Its a little short but its really well paced and has some decent forces
3. Saw - Pretty standard Eurofighter. I like the pre-lift section. The rest of the ride is pretty alright I guess
4. Swarm - I like the theming and its a decent length but the ride doesn't really do anything.
5. Colossus - Would be better without those bulky restraints. Decent ride if you're riding defensively

Skipped the other two coasters. I don't feel I'm missing much here


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1. Stealth - Just took me by surprise how smooth it was, absolute blast! Getting 5 rides in a row at the end of the day was perfect
2. SAW - I am a huge horror movie fan, so I can't deny that is part of the reason I love it so much. It just is a fun, intense blast
3 - Swarm - Loved this coaster, kind of a relaxing ride?
4 - Nemesis inferno - Not a scratch on proper Nemesis, but pretty fun nontheless
5 - TWDTR - Pretty tame, but quite fun, we went in it's opening weeks when it had a few more live actors than the second time I went on it. The actors did enhance it
6 - Colossus - Oh god, this was awful to ride, kept breaking down so queued for ages to just get a headache from how rough it was