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Rank the B&M Hyper coasters


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  1. Goliath (SFOG)
  2. Mako
  3. Diamondback
  4. Silver Star
  5. Apollo's Chariot
  6. Behemoth
  7. Raging Bull
  8. Nitro
  9. Intimidator
Slight adjustment after this past weekend:

  1. Goliath (SFOG)
  2. Mako
  3. Diamondback
  4. Silver Star
  5. Apollo's Chariot
  6. Behemoth
  7. Intimidator
  8. Raging Bull
  9. Nitro
I actually had a rather enjoyable and noteworthy ride on Intimidator. Still easily on the lower end of the scale, but far more forceful than I recall.


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Ridden 3 more of these over the last couple of weeks so time for some rankings - I am counting Orion as a Hyper because it's basically the same ride hardware, just taller (I won't get into the "is it a Giga?" discussion :D)

1. Goliath (SFOG)
2. Shambhala
3. Diamondback
4. Mako
5. Orion
6. Raging Bull

Edward M

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Not counting Orion cause it's a giga. A pathetic giga but still a giga!
  1. Shambhala
  2. Mako
  3. Goliath OG
  4. Apollo's Chariot
  5. Nitro
  6. Candymonium
  7. Diamondback
  8. Intimidator


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Gotta go through the rest of these threads which require updating. Haven't posted here since 2021, so I have some new stuff, but since then I actually managed to reride all the others except Diamondback.

1. Fury 325 - Redemption rides proved itself worthy. It's fast and its long. The giga layout still isn't exactly my style, but the airtime at the end keeps it interesting, and it's all just a ton of fun.

2. Shambhala - It checks off the three things I'm looking for in B&M hypers. Great airtime, smoothness, and fantastic layout. Location is lovely too.

3. Mako - Still has one of the best airtime hills ever, as well as one of the best first drops ever. Also benefits from easy rerides to make you fall in love more.

4. Goliath - One of the better layouts, and it does the rare thing where the moments get better as it goes on. Just suffers from some smoothness issues.

5. Nitro - Used to love this one, but my last ride didn't quite hit, even in the back row. Still a solid layout and holds up for its age.

6. Diamondback - Airtime is among the best, but it has the worst rattle of the bunch.

7. Raging Bull - Heavily elevated by the shocker first drop in the back row, but otherwise it can't hold its own. The twister stuff towards the end is fun enough though.

8. Intimidator - The worst layout of the out-and-back models. Three great camelbacks but it might as well be over once you hit the mid-course.

9. Apollo's Chariot - Aww. This used to actually be great but it's been significantly neutered as of late.


Matt SR
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Huh. Would've sworn I've ridden more (numbers are relative to overall ranking):

24MakoSeaWorld Orlando
25GoliathSix Flags Over Georgia
39Apollo's ChariotBusch Gardens Williamsburg
48DiamondbackKings Island
As a quick "bump" update - Hypers have been sliding in my overall rankings, all down 5 spaces apiece. Intamins and RMCs have been working in concert on the push.


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Of the ones I've ridden:

1. Mako
2. Candymonium
3. Behemoth
4. Nitro
5. Apollo's Chariot
6. Diamondback
7. Intimidator

I'm really pumped to add Goliath (SFoG), Raging Bull, and Shambhala this year, I'm sure two of those could end up being my new favorite