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PowerPark | Pitts Special | Gerstlauer Infinity | 2020


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Been to PowerPark on Saturday and had a couple of laps on Pitts Special.

First, the ride has better airtime than expected. The wave turn, the drop as well as all the smaller hills provide solid ejector airtime. The twisted airtime hills are alright with some floater but are definitely too big.
The first element after the drop looks good Offride but is kind of pointless during the ride, expected a rollback each time.
The ride isn’t rough but the first few valleys rattle significantly, similar to the first two on Kärnan. It isn’t to distracting but definitely noticeable and worrying for a 6 week old ride.
Overall, I really enjoyed Pitt’s Special and it is a solid addition to PowerPark. The airtime is solid and it is definitely something different but I prefer Junker next door by far (which runs completely smooth by the way :D).

Shaking is quite noticeable in the POV I recorded. Was filmed with a GoPro Hero 7 with HyperSmooth, so it’s the Ride that rattles and not the Camera.