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Port Aventura / La Liga Theme Park


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Somehow, I can't see this ending well. Could it be done well? I'm sure it's possible. Is there a market out there? Quite possibly. Are they going to pull off something worthwhile? I doubt it.

Ferrari Land I get. There's plenty of people who like Ferrari, there's enough casuals who see Ferrari and think "ooh, shiny", and probably very few people who dislike the brand - worst case scenario, you're probably dealing with apathy. Football is a lot more polarising, and there's a fair number of people for whom the whole idea of a football themed attraction is a massive turn off, as opposed to merely a few extra rides and attractions to experience during a visit to PA.

On top of that, Ferrari Land isn't exactly good precedent. If the attractions at Ferrari Land had been put together well, I might have been a bit more optimistic when it came to another branded project at PA, but most of the rides feel distinctly half-assed, and the pre-shows for the dark rides felt like they'd been put together by a marketing intern. In the case of Ferrari Land, it felt to me like it was right on the limit of what was tolerable, but if a park thinks they can expect me to have a positive experience whilst standing around and watching a bunch of bland marketing material for a football league, they are completely out of touch with reality. I reckon there might be some potential in the idea, at least at a smaller scale, but only if they think really carefully about how they're going to make the attractions interesting and immersive for everyone, and how they can make people interested and excited even if they're not a football fan. I'm talking Disney levels of immersion, storytelling and attention to detail being required to pull this off. I can't imagine anything less working out.