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(PM)BO - New trains, love 'em or hate 'em?

New trains

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The topic sparked a mix of opinions. Are these new trains amazing or crap?


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I refuse to vote, purely because I do not wish to condone the use of "do not want" as a correct grammatical phrase.


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It's nice. But not OMG AMAZING!!!!!
Better than the old trains but they probably wont look that new for long.


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A dog turd themed train would be better than the current trains, so lets be honest, this isn't exactly a bad idea.

Like Joey (I think) said in the other topic, it might be garish, but it suits Blackpool.

Still, I'm kinda 'meh' about it anyway.


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They're OK.

I did think Blackpool was trying to get away from its tacky seaside image (not sure why, they should embrace what they are IMO), so it seems a bit of an odd choice, but, they're OK.

I'm more bothered about the coaster itself. And that'll still be ****.


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My immediate instinct is to go "ugh, no", but then weirdly they seem to grow on me. Perhaps its because as other people have said, it's a horribly tacky idea but it seems to work because it's Blackpool. I don't know. They certainly stand out, I'll give them that.

It'll still take a lot more than a new paint job to make The Big One any better though. The trains aren't that great to begin with, and the whole ride has nothing going for it other than size.

Put me firmly under "meh".


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I mean, I dont hate them. They're not the best looking design i've ever seen. But this reminds me of Xcelerators new trains that were painted with American flags on them.


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Dark Blue Supports, Dark Blue Trains.... No. Too much dark blue. It will blend too well. They could of done it a white/silver just to break it up.

On their own, they ain't too bad. With the ride... No. Big fat 'Meh' tbh.


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Are they bad? No. Are they good? Also no.

It's one of those things where it's very uninspired. You can tell they didn't have many ideas for it, so the simplest one was to your the flag design. I could do better, but I'm not designing trains so I can't do much.


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Ok, for some reason, I find these really tacky, yet any American flag painted train I think looks decent. Maybe when these are completely assembled and rolling they will look better.

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tks said:
I refuse to vote, purely because I do not wish to condone the use of "do not want" as a correct grammatical phrase.

And yet you still feel the need to lower yourself to our level and comment in this thread... I would do another story about you, but I don't think I should embarrass you again.


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Shush Erol, you're embarrassing yourself :roll:

Trains look alright in my opinion. I'm not big on patriotism or anything, but I think they look pretty neat and tidy and fit in perfectly with the Blackpool surroundings.