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Planet Coaster (2016)


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I hope the next entry to the "RCT series" will be good. We need one. A program that caters to people who find Nolimits too dry.

I feel sorry for ThemePark studio. RCTW and PC are going to challenge it for gameified park building. Meaning TPS will have to focus on what they do well. A Nolimits approach to park design.


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In a jist:

-Clone Tool(for entire buildings)
-NATURAL Terrain Tunnels for Coaster Builder
-Online Park Sharing
-Coaster Creator details revealed
-Custom Signs(for shops/rides)
-Peeps buy more from gift shops at ride exits

Yeah, this game is going to be fantastic.


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Yeah there was a lot to love in that video. I'm really concerned about the tunnels though, it looked horrible to control.

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Tunnels looked like blind faith. You have an idea of where they are, but it feels like you lack reference points. I think height markers that you can toggle on and off will help.


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I do really like the look of this, I've not really bothered moving on from RCT2 with coaster games, I found RCT3 far too annoying but I'd really like to give this a go, looking forward to its release!


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Just got myself updated with these dev videos, and I love what they're doing. I was actually particularly pleased with how/what the peeps will buy based on their mood. In fact, the whole peep personality thing is quite impressive. Soon I'd like to see them go into more of the money and management system.


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This is for both games.
I hope the music in the game is appropriate for the game.

I felt like RCT3's music had a better production value and was more professional. However, it lacked the immersion of the RCt1&2 music. I can vaguely remember much RCT3 music except for the "zoom really far out" and menu screen music.

RCT1&2's music transported you into the zones you themed. The water music, the prehistoric, jungle, space, martian etc. etc..

RCT3's use your own music was a novel idea, which I hope both games keep. Just it didn't resolve the issue of lack of immersion, since our music would usually have words. It cheapens the park if you have commercial songs being played from the rides.

However, I do own Rodrigo y Gabriela music, so I could design a small Mexican themed park.


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First Planet Coaster Q&A - quite a bit of footage and concept art shown off


EDIT: Second Q&A uploaded



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A gameplay video! Sound quality is a bit lame but never mind :p



More gameplay for all those eagerly anticipating release.



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Planet Coaster alpha version is out tomorrow! I am just tight-fisted and want to wait for a more affordable price :p


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Planet Coaster live stream happening now!



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I have signed up for the alpha! Me and Reb give our first thoughts on it!



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The alpha's real nice so far. The game strikes a great balance between a cartoonish and realistic style, and the coaster builder allows a lot of freedom while being easy to learn, although the banking is a little rough. To be fair, the coaster editor is not "officially" released and they are apparently still working on it. My biggest complaint as of now is the performance, as even with my HD 7950 and core i7 the game runs at around 20-30 FPS in the bigger parks on high settings, and lowering the settings makes very little difference. But I'm sure they'll work on improving the performance between now and the official release.


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I find the depth of creative freedom scary. But the menus and controls seem to present it in a friendly way, which means I won't feel nauseous playing about with it.

That's my complaint with programmes like No Limits of Theme Park studio. I feel like I am doing work. RCT3 has almost the same issue.


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Despite the only themes present are Pirate/Adventure and Generic, I've seen tons of different themes already in use(Oriental, Roman, Alpine, for example). Also, the lighting engine is absolutely fantastic.