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I need some clarification here, because I have been told on a YouTube reply, that they've seen somewhere (haven't told me where) that it'll be a tracked or trackless dark ride, not a water/dark ride like the previous system.

Someone please find a source on this if it is true speculation because it has been bugging me for a good week or so lol. If it isn't true, then fair play, you can lock the chat and open it when something actually happens lol but I need something on this.


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Is anything even happening to Pirate Adventure at Drayton Manor at all? I thought it just closed down with no intention to replace it with anything? Surely they cant afford it.


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Also, context. You'd have to know the specific park in question pretty well before you can tell from the title what this thread is about at all.

And yeah, random YouTube comments without sources are like ... the diametric opposite of credible.
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