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Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020


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I'm interested in knowing what that object with blue tarp covering it on the right is. The area kinda looks like a water feature to me.


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I thought the same, the area underneath looks predestined for a water-area.
Some sort of water spurting steampunk boiler.


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Wow. Just crazy. It's an amazing picture... I think the hotel will be between Maus au Chocolat and Fly... The walls seems very large...
I doubt the hotel will be there. In theory, it’ll be on the top left of the image to allow access from outside the park.

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It is true that it makes more sense. But the park has announced an "interaction" between the hotel and Fly. Would it be possible for the hotel to be in several places in the area? To the left and to the right ?


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The main hotel building is certainly going to be at the left side (red circle on picture below).
(Images removed by by Admin on request of Phantasialand)
Underneath there will be the second part of the hotel with almost certainly only aeronaut rooms.

So this 2 circles in the picture below points out the place where the hotel supposed to be built.

The "interaction" between the coaster and the hotel is probably the Restaurant with FLY going over the glass roof and most likely in between the coaster track (blue circle) the second part of the hotel. This is the point where you are in between the coaster so there you have the announced "interaction".

To make it clearer. PHL-Marcus has drawn the hotel structure a while ago, as you can see here:

Overall, even if not every part of the hotel will be in between the coaster, Charles Lindbergh will be much closer to F.L.Y. than Matamba to Black Mamba. So that also counts as interaction I guess.
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The blue circle seems too small to contain a part of the hotel ... We must not forget that for each room, there is an access corridor, a bathroom (and therefore water and water pipes). electricity), stairs and at least one elevator for the whole building!


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The hotel location is well established has been mentioned plenty before; but I get its probably confusing as **** so with this aerial shot I will try to better demonstrate it.

Blue - Outlines the hotel buildings. From the top left you have the ground beside the street where undoubtedly the entrance lobby and other facilities/offices/etc. will be. Leading further into the site is definitely at least one tower block of hotel rooms in the gap that has been left empty of vertical concrete structures.

Below that then is the small rectangular building in mist of the track of F.L.Y. - the track even passes through the bottom of middle of the building after the drop from the 2nd launch. The view from this building too though directly on the end of both launches should be incredible.
The hotel rooms facing the track from the main building, and this smaller middle building appear to be similar to those from the concept arts.

And finally the corner of the backstage yard beside the office buildings is this new L shaped concrete foundations. Presumably this is another hotel rooms building.
The 3 buildings are presumably then connected by bridges over and under the track inbetween them
In light blue I've marked the two noticeable lift shafts and stairs wells under construction.

In purple I've outlined the restaurant building. On top/to the back of the building steel beams make a flat ledge and the back wall is plain steel. Unless some kind of theming element or structure is to be added I'd presume that might also be a block of hotel rooms (hence the blue line drawn on that wall).
The restaurant roof has been giving some kind of covering but it seems only for protective purposes and not final. Hopefully its final roof is glass or at least has large windows so you can see the coaster pass directly over head.
On the right of this building appears to be a small extended porch (marked with a red line) presumably the restaurant/hotel entrance directly into the area of Rookburgh itself.

The themed brick wall above this side of the restaurant also appears to have the word "restaurant" painted on it.

When you consider the style and size of these rooms I think it will have a decently high occupancy on par with the other hotels. No other buildings would be necessary, and there doesn't appear to any other location in the area with foundations or an easy connect way to the rest of it.
And as for interaction its so closely interwined with the coaster (track passing very close by, wrapping around and even going through) - I think for world unique interaction they are sorted!

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The theming on the big wall towards Berlin (Kaizerplatz) against the Maus au Chocolat building is progressing. As I previous said it seemed to be the style of Rookburgh. The style looks like the gateway in Berlin next to Maus au Chocolat.65898834_10156444838372843_4317221175122984960_o.thumb.jpg.17b334b5df48e034b66832da1b9440e9.jpg
The fast progress suggests that they prefer to have the wall ready before the schoolholidays in Germany begin.

Source: PHL-Marcus on Phantafriends


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I have the feeling that we are missing something major

(Images removed by by Admin on request of Phantasialand)

All these open spaces under the concrete floors (red circles).. could it be that there will be a flat ride? Can't imagine they are only there for the queue. The green circle, possible exit of fly? With regard to phl standards I have the Idea that there still is quite some room in the area of RB.

Then there is also the element in the right corner (of Mac) which has a blue cover over it. The big opening in the wall, speculated to be a zeppelin.. And knowing we'll have to wait untill 2020 to discover all of this, Im going crazy!