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Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020


Hyper Poster
Wonder if they still intend to close River Quest as scheduled or if they're going to attempt to have it open as long as the climate allows it.
The extra 3 week opening is being marked as the “summer season”, so I would assumed river quest would be open as it’s always open during the whole summer season, and then would presumably be closed 1st day of wintertraum for maintenance.


Giga Poster
I’m intrigued how this will all work “in land”. From all the construction pictures, with those massive walls to the compactness of the layout and area, I hope you’ll still get good sightlines. I feel as if it’ll be too ‘busy’? I hope the set pieces arn’t obscured from view too much because of all the chaos of the layout.


Mega Poster
As far as I know (my last insights are ~ 1 month old), you won't have much to block your view on the insight. You have the bridge in the middle, thats pretty much it. The rest is mostly on the outside walls, except for the coaster of course.


Hyper Poster
Finished in Literally Years

No, it can’t be that. It’ll never be finished as the track will keep falling into disrepair.


Roller Poster
Bit disappointed they needed a crane, should have just floated it in.
Is a photoshop... This is the real pic:
View attachment 9047
They see me flying... They hatin..
I'd seen a report they were trying to install this new bit of theming in a novel way but just ruled it out as a load of hot air.
Must have been a pricey bit of theming when you adjust it for inflation

I'm thoroughly enjoying all these balloon puns ?