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Phantasialand | Chiapas | Water Ride

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Rather boring tbh. It's better than what was there, the backwards drop looked fun but yeah other than that not really much else.

It is well themed etc I also liked the disco section.

For me it's just all a bit flat in terms of the ride.

It's no Dudley or Splash Mountain and that's what people are comparing it to.

I do bet it's good to watch though.


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I love it, but it does feel flat as Marc has just said.
It needs a storyline or some sort of narrative, because right now it's just a log floating through different rooms with rocks in them.

However from the outside it looks pretty fab <3

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See, I'm the opposite with this ride. I think the inside looks great, but the outside just looks too flat and uninspired. Its all a bit sectioned-off, square and 2D.. Just an odd out of place looking ride.

The inside however is completely on point! Its almost at Disney level. The only thing that would bring them to Disney level is the animatronics and true story telling. All in all, what a wicked ride they have on their hands.


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I agree, in terms of story telling/theming it doesn't live up to Dudley Do Rights or Splash mountain, but to me in terms of ride experience, that final drop looks absolutely fantastic, and the backwards one seems to be rather good too! I think the only two things missing are a. a cohesive plot throughout the ride, and b. a drop in the dark. If it had both I think we'd be looking at the definitive water ride. Now here's hoping somewhere in the UK can build a water ride on this scale *waits forever*


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^Yeah, but that's in a burdenous place and never works properly and is too wet.

I'm going next month to ride this, so excited, been such a long wait.


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That looks stunning.

It's true that Phantasialand rides can be lacking in plot, but perhaps it's due to the various languages visitors speak making it more difficult. I've come not to expect too much story from them and just concentrate on how beautiful the ride is.

I want to be there now please.


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The ride is superb in terms of offride experience specially and it is literally the heart of the Mexican themed area. (if not of the whole park)
The only offride experience I know ,which could compete is Poseidon sun terrace at Europa Park Rust.
Its not so bad that there is no story, which is narrated over the ride because the ride lives from its artificial nature and overall setting very much IMO
Nice place is also the area where you can look at the waterfalls and Talocan which connect Mexico to Africa!
The only thing which I would improve is the area around the first Lifthill. Maybe Colorado Adventure could receive a theming update along with this space!

Even when you not ride the ride its an amazing experience because there is different music all around and you can walk into the heart
of the attraction if you know what I mean.


There are so many different spots to watch the riders in action!


The best is the camelback! The rockwork theming is superb there!

The plaza is also very nice and the ice is nice! I recommend the fruity tastes!
Its like Big Thunder Mountain just Mexican on a log flume!


The area is stunning and very exotic in hot summer days you get the best experience!


But also very nice at the winter season...


The planters and decoration is top notch.


I also like the transition between Mexiko and Afrika. Black Mamba ride experience is uplifted!


Lets wait for the grow of trees at the Klugheim transition.
It could look better I think! And it already does, because of the theming improvements on the Taron Queue!
At the part around the pyramid I would place more small stones to improve the theming a little bit. or some roots like at the first special section after the first drop! The music is very nice just before the final drop! Superb atmosphere and it fits very well to the African section as well.

Tiempo del Fuego is also one of the best projection shows I've ever seen!

A special experience is to ride Chiapas during the late afternoon in the winter season. Then its almost like riding a darkride!
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Still I agree with him nearly 100%. Chiapas is really an awesome experience but the first lift hill is really bad. That area between Colorado Adventure and Chiapas might be the worst of the park. Which is really unfortunate as this is so far off of the general level of quality of those two beautiful attractions.
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