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Parques Reunidos visitor numbers


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The Spanish theme park operator chain Parques Reunidos has been in some focus on these forums lately, mostly related to the news around their acquisition of Belantis. Personally, I find them to be the worst park operator in the Western hemisphere, and I have some problems understanding how they can believe their policy of not investing in their parks to be sustainable in the long run. Their visitor numbers, you see, are really interesting.

If you look at each individual Parques Reunidos property, it doesn't appear to be doing very well. Available data suggests the parks are doing steadily worse every year (with the exception of Parque Warner Madrid, quite strange since they aren't getting investments either). And probably for that precise reason, Parques Reunidos is making sure that the data isn't available. At least not easily. @TheCoasterCruiser managed to find data for BonBon-Land here, TusenFryd's Norwegian Wikipedia page has visitor numbers for that park, Statista has some data on Slagharen, and there's also the annual TEA attendance reports which reports chain-wide numbers as well as those of the top 10 parks in each region. There is apparently data out there, but it's not put in places you'll find it unless you know where to look. Visitor numbers show up in local newspaper reports, on fan sites, tourist bureau websites, that sort of thing - usually in the park's native language, so Googling is difficult.

And so I ask you: Do you know where to look? Because I'd be really interested to see visitor data from their parks from the last 10 years. I have somewhat complete datasets from some of their parks, seen here, but others I know nothing about. Another interesting thing is how the TEA data and Parques Reunidos' own reports disagree wildly on their numbers around 2013 (regrettably, those are the oldest available data they report), with TEA estimating 26 million visitors and PR themselves reporting 19.4 million. That's a disparity of 25 %. The two sources agree on 21 million visitors in 2015, but was there a massive collapse towards that number, or a slow but steady growth? That's the sort of thing I'd like to figure out, by looking at the data from their individual parks.

So yeah, if you know where to find annual visitor data from any of Parques Reunidos' parks - or any of their other properties, full list here - I'd be really interested in seeing it! Thanks in advance!


Haha you are really going to war with them aren't you! I look forward to seeing what you come up with and reading more of your entertaining yet factually rigorous rants!