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Parque Warner Madrid | Gotham City Escape | Intamin Launch Coaster | 2023


Mega Poster
My hype for this ride has died quite a bit. The airtime hill, dive loop, and corkscrew are the only elements that even remotely excite me. Every other element looks slow to the point that it takes away any force that it could've had.
You just captioned my thoughts perfectly. It just looks so forceless, but it'll still be fun because ya know, it's a coaster.


Mega Poster
The park is teasing a May opening. Some enthusiasts are speculating it might be around May 5th, since all ticket promotions stop at that specific date.

Madrid is celebrating its festival around May 15th, so I think it's going to be between the 5th and the 15th.
Good to know, because I wanted to visit the park in june because of this new coaster


Mega Poster
The theming looks phenomenal! I made a post not too long ago talking about how I was losing my hype for this ride following the release of the testing videos and while that still remains true the theming looks miles beyond what I was anticipating. Great Work Parque Warner Madrid!


Strata Poster
Trying to book tickets for the weekend after, but the website doesn't like my UK postcode :( Anyone else having issues with the site? Or is it easier to book third party?


Mega Poster
It actually looks better on-ride than I was expecting. Sure, there are some elements I'd have preferred it to take a bit faster but it looks super fun still and that first launch out the tunnel looks to have some good kick to it.


Giga Poster
I'm not sure why everyone's been knocking this, it looks great to me, that dive down with headchopper at 32 seconds in the video looks delightful


Roller Poster
I was at at the park at the end of April and saw it testing, the airtime hill following the top hat looks brilliant, the I must say the rest of the layout also looks pretty quick irl, the profiling on the overbank diveloop is also really wippy. The severity of the tophat trim seems to be dependent on how full the train is, and doesn't look too bad when it's full.
Honestly I think it'll ride really well