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Parque Warner Madrid | Gotham City Escape | Intamin Launch Coaster | 2023


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You aren't the only one
yeah, I was told it was gonna be tall but dude, that support is more than twice as tall as a 2 story building... wtf? It seems like that will make it shorter but hopefully still enjoyable and visually beautiful, can't judge by the supports only right now.


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I didn’t think the layout of the one in France could be bested, but this just might do it
It certainly looks like a very interesting opponent. I can't judge right now as I have to see those very last elements and the "unique inversion in the world" or so was described to me. It might be shorter, lower, and probably not as fast (as max speed will be 104 km/h) as Toutatis, but hey will have to see the sensations and theming evolving the coaster etc. and not just the numbers.

Mark Ribes

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Been a while since I did a progress update. Here is what is currently built on the ride:
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And here is my prediction/precreation of what's to come:

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After the tophat, I believe it will do a fast s-bend, an airtime hill, and then some kind of sideways-banked dive loop that ends in the trench. This "prediction" is based on this video from Jerez Coaster Adventures:

While incredibly blurred, you can 100% make out certain sections of the ride:
11:20 - Launch 1 out of the building. "Outward banking corkscrew" element is clearly deducible, with the bank to the right and corkscrew rolling to the left.
11:37 - Post-tophat s-bend, airtime hill, and side-dive loop.
12:32 - wave turn, launch 3, rising s-bend, and inverted stall over the pathway.

When I first saw that video from Jerez, I wrote it off very fast as I thought there was no way the POV he was reacting to could be legit... but it's been dead on so far.

After the top hat the layout go to a camelback not a speedhill. Whatever, is pretty accurate. Try to do all the layout.


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hmmm, gotta be honest with yall, visually is not what I was expecting exactly... way too asymmetric and has pretty weird shapes for the supports. IDK hopefully with the track, this looks much better, and over time I get used to it and like it more. Happened the same to me with the noninverted cobra roll of Kondaa, which I found much better in my last visit than I first saw it on pics. The important part is that hopefully, this element delivers and it's a fun experience to have a stall over the pathways like Velocicoaster hahaha.



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Something about that first inversion dropping so nicely into the second launch is so satisfying. That’s gonna be a great disorientating moment as you lose your bearings in the inversion and just as you get them back those LSMs kick in and take your breath away again.. 😍 This is shaping up to be a great layout and dare I say I’m actually more excited for this than Toutatis 🙈


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It’s so ugly and lopsided I hate it.

But also I wanna go on it.
completely understand why somebody would think like that. I think this is one of those things u either like or hate hahaha. I thought the same with kondaa´s cobra roll but now I really like it, guess I'm used to weird Intamin structures but will have to see it in person.