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Parque Warner Madrid | Gotham City Escape | Intamin Launch Coaster | 2023


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minute 14 (u can try to activate translated subtitles). According to this youtuber’s sources we are getting a new gen 2.0 train revision in this coaster!!! Just hoping that source is reliable and this becomes true. Although idk what else they can improve in commodity if the last gen trains are alreday the most comfortable u can find out there. Probably tweaks to ease mantenimance and improve reliability.


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Really interesting (well, no surprise), but two Batman Coasters? Or will they change the Inverted's name?


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I can see this new coaster being inspired by the car chase between Robert Pattinson's Batman and Colin Farrel's Penguin in The Batman. Honestly could you imagine blitz coaster trains with the aesthetic of that film's version of The Batmobil? I'd be there for it in a heartbeat!


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It just looks like a step-up into a Zero-G Winder after the first launch Taiga-style and then into the second launch that goes into the tophat.