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Parks you can't be arsed with


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This is definitely a take worthy of elaboration here.

Not that this isn't a fine place to do it either. But holy smokes, what an uncommon opinion if you're being serious!
I'm not sure I'd go as far as to say it sucks, but I definitely think it's very overrated in theme park circles and I can see why it wouldn't be to some people's tastes. I went before Lightning Rod, but was quite underwhelmed by my day there and wouldn't rush back.


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i went on a wednesday and the park was still slammed. only 3 coasters were open, the kiddie cred, lightning rod, and thunderhead. Honestly Thunderhead was better than lightning rod which was really disappointing


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Liseberg. They haven't started selling season passes yet. I live 500 meters from the entrance and would love to go everyday but I am not willing to pay 40 euros every time.

Is your home park selling season passes?

5 months later, all covid restrictions removed, and still no season passes. Wtf are they doing?


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When I went I think most rides were open - but never at the same time. The only one I remember never opening was V2. However, operations were super intermittent and we only got on most things due to luck and being in the right part of the park at the right time. There are also absolutely no standout coasters compared to many other parks in the line-up.
Joker and Medusa are pretty good, not worth traveling across state lines for.
Nothing else is worth the trip by itself.
V2 is open so infrequently I've never been able to ride. Superman is the same as other of that model but with the better restraints.


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Liseberg announce that they will start selling season passes again on the 12th. Although, they are quite pricey at 210€.

Once I get a season pass, I might actually be arsed with them again.


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Personally, I wouldn't buy a season pass to a park I can't be arsed with!
Mine is Southport, now wristbands only, so not been in the place in five years.

ricky coasters

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Well for a time that was very long for me it was the Galveston Pier because even though it's in my metro area it takes almost 2 HOURS TO GET THERE most days because we don't got any good public transport sadly and its all cars and highways... and whenever I was in my area I thought to myself, "Well Ricky, whats better, since you're in this area would ya rather go to Galveston Pier... or to Kemah to ride the mighty and beautiful creation God (GG) bestowed on us called Boardwalk Bullet???"... I bet you can guess my pick XD. And thats how it was for some years maybe, but then corona hit and I stopped goin' to theme parks, and after a year and a half maybe I'm like "Well whats gonna be my first pick", I was EXTREMELY tempted to ride BB (for good reason!) but I had a goal for myself at home that I'd get new credits as soon as possible once the whole pandemic was over, so when I just happened to be in the south of the city where BB and Galveston are, because I almost NEVER go to those places just for the theme parks it's gotta be somethin' else that gets me and my fam over there and then I stop by since i'm there... well this time that I was there I decided to head to Galveston and ride Iron Shark! I didn't regret it but, gotta say I was underwhelmed I can't deny... but it's for the cred and once is good to not come back ever. I will say, what I did NOT regret was that I had a fun time in Galveston when all was said and done, because there's lotsa cool stuff to do there like chillin' in the beach or going to the aquarium... I even wanna come back now, because there's this restaurant over there that has a raft ride thats themed to the level of a theme park! It was a good time...

Well, to finish it up, I just wanna end and say that this experience taught me a VALUABLE lesson, even if there's a place you can't be arsed with, in the end if ya go you will have a GREAT time with a positive attitude so go and have fun like I did in the Galveston pier all those days ago to ride Iron Shark. I wanted to answer this question with an answer that actually talks about a park that I just don't wanna go through the work of going with a good reputation but then I just started thinkin bout this and I'm like "Man, I have got to share this!" Well ya'll, it was a pleasure, Ricky Coasters out, and thank you for coming to my TED Talk :)


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Lightwater Valley - despite having a young family myself, their new target demographic is just an excuse for their absolutely shocking line up of attractions to be honest.

Oakwood - I’ve done Megafobia and Speed and it’s in the arse end of nowhere, absolutely no desire to go back unless they got a mega attraction.
Marineland 100%. I still don't have that stupid Dragon Mountain cred and I go to the Niagara area all the time. I've been to the park a few times as a kid but there is nothing redeeming there.