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Parc Astérix | Toutatis | Intamin Launch Coaster | 2023


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Official on-ride video !


Yep, that will do nicely.


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That looks VERY good. Too good almost...... to the point that I'm 95% sure the video is sped up.

Watch it at 0.85x playback speed, I think that's the actual correct speed (at least from the swing launch to the end of the ride).


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^Watch it at "normal" speed. Look at the cars on the highway when it crests the tophat and tell me that's not edited.

Edit: Time it yourself with a stopwatch.
The train in the POV travels from the stall-out point (the top of the first 'swing') to the top of the tophat in ~16 seconds.
The train in the offride you posted does the same in ~19 seconds.

POV's sped up. Debate a wall lol
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While is does indeed seem to be going faster in the POV this could easily be down to temp, time of filming and weight.
The press day train (1st one at least) has barely any riders.

Also, the A1 is an 80mph road, they don't seem to be going much faster than that.

Edit - the element after the 1st launch is pretty slow, I would be surprised if it went much slower through that.


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It could be altered to show what it WILL look like once at optimal conditions, that's a fair theory. But I doubt it would speed up 3 second's worth in that swing launch section. I can't tell where the speeding up starts exactly, because the first inversion looks concerningly slow at 0.8x speed. So maybe the edit starts when it dives into the swing launch?


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Definitely sped up....look at the ride op at the very start 😂

Still, looks awesome!

And watch the video to the very end when it's flying in to the station. You can see the point where the video goes back to normal speed for the last half a second.

Anyway, it still looks amazing.