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Parc Astérix | Pégase Express | Gerstlauer Family Launched


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roomraider said:
peep said:
A Takabisha clone? OMG, where for?

And yay for track being ready.

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To be honest the evidence posted on the TPR post is a little thin that it's a clone, The support on the right of the first picture does seem to match up with the tower drop on Takabisha and the tower section to the left of the pic suggests Eurofighter. Theres also a crapload of the track there so whatever it is going to be huge. Assuming Gerst arent making new eurofighter layouts anymore then Takabisha is the only likely clone with that much track. Or so I think their thinking goes.


The 4 rail track is pretty rare for Gerst too right? Takabisha has some on the Bannana Roll but not sure about any others?

Either way no idea where its going at all. There is a photo of dark red track around somewhere which is likely to be Capitol Bullet Train, The light blue is probably Pegasus and do we know of any other supposed Gerst installments?

Isn't the Capitol Bullet Train by Mack?


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Capitol Bullet Train is the red semi-shuttle. RCDB says its a Mack. I'll be damned if Gerstlauer builds that thing


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Did a bit of digging and found this article from a while back

translated from German
Triple Five Mall, New Jersey, USA: On the grounds of the years under construction but for financial reasons never opened Xanadu Mall of Canadian shopping centers-operator Triple Five is by 2016 an entertainment complex in the style of the famous Mall of America opened in Minneapolis. The DreamWorks Amusement Park is intended to be equipped among others with two nested rollercoasters Gerstlauer.

The 1000 meters long LSM Coaster is identical with Takabisha in Japan: Right after the station is a heart roller positioned with drop in the launch, the more high-inversions as Corkscrew or dive loop will follow. The last rail third gets a vertical lift. Overall, more than 40 meter high roller coaster will offer seven inversions. The second rail attraction is a spinning coaster with individual vehicles, in addition to classic mouse curves diverse ascents and descents offers and will be thereby fully integrated into the LSM Coaster.


Is this project back on track? this could be the location for that Takabisha clone track (If it is that)

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This can't be real
Themed to dreamworks too? That's no Spongebob squarepants but a coaster themed to Shrek 2 will be messy. I need it.


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This topic has been forgotten about!

Anyway, it's no longer a rumour, and construction started a couple of months back with a HUGE land clearing in the back portion of the Greek area of the park (it stretches from behind the mad house/rapids all the way back to Discobelix/Zeus)
The park has concept art, previously shown in this thread, up around the construction walls. Track is on site and currently just chilling in the car park for all to see. The park hasn't released any more details of the attraction, however.

Another surprise I found on park today was that Vol d'icare has VANISHED. All of the track has been removed (apart from the lift hill) and signs around it indicate it's getting a refurb. No news on whether it's a full re track, or just a re paint of the track. (Or a secret spite?) However the website also states it will be returning in 2017.

I got quite a few photos of the track and land clearance (it's not exactly hard to do) so will upload them here soon.
Just thought you'd all like a little update on this little nugget of joy!

Edit see photos below:











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I'm really excited about this - Firechaser Express is fab and Asterix do themeing really well so I think they'll pull it off.

I have literally no idea what they're doing with Icarus, what is it with parks at the moment and just replacing all the track on creds xD


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I really like the colour of the new coaster. I was really quite surprised by Asterix earlier thais year and thought it was a great park, so I'm really looking forward to seeing what they dot to it.


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Parc Asterix have a habit of adding great rides at just the right time. It seemed like were in a bit of a lull in the late 00's, but they've built some great stuff in the last few years and this should be no exception.


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From a French website,
www.parcplaza.net/2017/01/le-parc-asterix-devoile-les-details-de.html .
New art and stats,
• Height limit 1m (39in)
• Ride time : 3 minutes
• Top speed : 52 km/h (32mph)
• 2 lifts : 1st : 21m (69ft) high, 2nd : 13m (42ft)
• Track lenght : 928m (3045ft)
• 20 riders per trains
• One third of the layout is travelled backward
• A 5m (16ft) tall Pegasus statue
• A 17m (55ft) tall station
• 16 millions euros budget.


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Ahh wow! A 16ft Pegasus statue!

The rest of the stats are fab, too.


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I can't see it mentioned above but on one pic I saw on Facebook it looks like they're aiming for a June opening.

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Completely Didn't see this Discussion (and started my own - Soz). Does anyone know the time-scale of this ride? Will it be open for the Asterix/Plopsa trip? really excited about this one!


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That looks worryingly close to a car park coaster at this stage... ;)

I think it looks pretty cool, I can't wait to see the theming take shape around it.